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Minutes of the 2018-09-12 IAB Teleconference (Business Meeting)

1. Roll-call, agenda-bash, administrivia, minutes

1.1. Attendance

  • Jari Arkko
  • Deborah Brungard (IESG Liaison)
  • Alissa Cooper (IETF Chair)
  • Michelle Cotton (IANA Liaison)
  • Heather Flanagan (RFC Editor Liaison)
  • Ted Hardie (IAB Chair)
  • Christian Huitema
  • Gabriel Montenegro
  • Cindy Morgan (IAB Executive Administrative Manager)
  • Erik Nordmark
  • Melinda Shore
  • Jeff Tantsura
  • Martin Thomson
  • Brian Trammell
  • Suzanne Woolf
  • Amy Vezza (Secretariat)
  • Allison Mankin (IRTF Chair)
  • Mark Nottingham
  • Karen O’Donoghue (ISOC Liaison)
  • Robert Sparks

1.2. Administrivia

Cindy Morgan noted that the BOF Coordination call for IETF 103 has been scheduled and added to the IAB calendar.

The agenda item on the ESCAPE workshop was deferred because Mark Nottingham was unable to join the meeting.

Ted Hardie added agenda items on the upcoming joint IETF-IEEE 802 leadership meeting and the IDNA Parameter Registry update.

1.3. Meeting Minutes

The following meeting minutes were approved:

  • 2018-08-01 business meeting
  • 2018-08-08 business meeting; Ted Hardie abstained.
  • 2018-08-22 business meeting
  • 2018-09-05 business meeting

1.4. Action Item Review

The internal action item list was reviewed.

2. Monthly Reports

2.1. ISOC Liaison Report

–Begin ISOC Liaison Report, Karen O’Donoghue–

Internet Society Liaison Report to the IAB 
9 September 2018 

I.   Upcoming Papers

SOC - NPA Special Issue: Internet Connectivity in Indigenous and 
Northern Communities
In the autumn of 2018, Northern Public Affairs, in collaboration with 
ISOC will be releasing a  special issue focusing on emerging 
developments in community networks among Indigenous peoples in North 
America.  The magazine will include articles that touch on issues such 
as:  deployment,  first mile connectivity,  tele-health and language 
preservation.  The Issue will be released in conjunction with the 
Indigenous Connectivity Summit that will take place 11-12  October in 
Inuvik,  Northwest Territories,  Canada.

Policy Brief on Routing Security
A policy brief on routing security will be released for community 
preview at the end of August. The policy brief will provide policymakers 
with an overview of challenges related to routing security and key 
considerations around the routing ecosystem. It also includes 
recommendations to consider when approaching issues related to routing 

Innovations in Spectrum Management Paper - Community Review, 10-24 
This draft policy brief highlights the importance of access to and use 
of spectrum by community networks to advance more connectivity and 
connect the unconnected.  It highlights current challenges and 
innovations that some countries are making, and provides recommendations 
and issues for CNs, policy-makers and regulators, and communities to 
consider. We would like to invite you to preview the brief, and to 
provide us with your feedback (please to bear in mind that this paper is 
limited only to community networks and is not a paper on spectrum 
management in general).   You can view the PDF version at:
v/public-preview . We welcome your comments that can be sent to Jane 
Coffin ( and Konstantinos Komaitis (

II.  Recent Activities and Engagements

Asia-Pacific Regional IGF, 13-17 August, Port Vila, Vanuatu. 
The APAC Bureau is organising workshops on Community Networks and 
Digital Accessibility, and hosting the closing ceremony at this year's 
APrIGF. Raj Singh, Naveed Haq and Raul Echeberria will be speaking at 
various sessions.

Experts Session on Encryption, Parliament House, 20 August, Canberra, 
On 20 August, ISOC and Internet Australia will hold the Experts Session 
on Encryption at Parliament House in Canberra, Australia. The event will 
feature an interactive in-depth dialogue with experts on encryption and 
digital security, highlighting issues concerning encryption and law 
enforcement access. A live stream of the event will be available here: 

US. FTC Hearings On Competition and Consumer Protection in the 21st 
The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced in June that 
it would host a series of hearings on "competition and consumer 
protection in the 21st century." The North America Bureau will submit 
comments by their August 20 deadline.

​Multi-stakeholder dialogue on the future of Internet Governance,  20 
August 2018, OAS Headquarter. Washington, DC, United States of America. 
ISOC, together with LACNIC and CITEL, is organizing a pre-event for a 
multistakholder dialogue with regulators, civil society, private sector 
and technical community attending the upcoming PP-18 preparatory 
meetings. ISOC staff will attend the event. Draft agenda available at:

33 Meeting of PCC1 and the Conference Preparatory Working Group of COM/
CITEL (GTPC) - 20 to 24 August 2018. OAS Headquarter. Washington, DC
In the run up for ITU Plenipotentiary meeting in Dubai this year, the 
Americas Region is meeting to identify common proposals to be submitted 
as InterAmerican Proposals. ISOC staff will be attending the meeting. 

AfPIF 2018 @iWeek, 21 – 23 August 2018, Cape Town, South Africa
The 9th African Peering and Interconnection Forum (AfPIF) will be held 
between 21-23 August 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa. The African 
Peering and Interconnection Forum addresses the key interconnection, 
peering, and traffic exchange opportunities and challenges on the 
continent and provides participants with global and regional insights 
for maximising opportunities that will help grow Internet infrastructure 
and services in Africa.

2nd Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway Steering Committee Meeting, 
27-28 August, Bangkok, Thailand. Raj Singh will participate as part of 
the steering committee, and will also speak at the 2nd Session of the 
Committee on ICT, Science, Technology and Innovation, which will be held 
on the 28-31 August. Both events are organised by UNESCAP.

ITU Annual Regional Human Capacity building workshop on “Strengthening 
capacities in Internet governance in Africa”​,  Abuja, Nigeria, from 
27-29 August 2018. 
The workshop is organized by the ITU Telecommunication Development 
Bureau in partnership with Diplo Foundation and hosted by the Digital 
Bridge Institute (DBI) of Nigeria.  The objectives of the workshop are 
to strengthen capacities of the ITU membership in the field of Internet 
governance, involving different stakeholders in the delivery of the 
workshop, and to provide a general overview of key aspects related to 
international Internet governance discussions.​ This corresponds to the 
outcomes of the ITU World Telecommunication Development Conference 
(WTDC) 2017, where ITU Member States agreed that capacity building of 
the ITU membership in international Internet governance is one of the 
priority issues to be addressed by ITU’s capacity building programme. 
ISOC will present the AUC Personal Data Protection and Privacy 
Guidelines for Africa. Building/Pages/events/2018/

Enhancing IoT Security; Ottowa, Canada,  21 June
African Chapters Advocacy meeting, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 21 June
Africa Community Networks workshop; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 19 -20 June
Internet Governance Programme for the Philippine government, Manila, 
Philippines, 11-13 July
Enhancing IoT Security Focus Group, Montreal, Canada, 17 July

4th Meeting of the African Telecommunications Union (ATU) Preparatory 
Group for PP-18 (ATU PM PP18-4), 13-17 August 2018, Nairobi, Kenya.  
The ATU hosted the preparatory process for, and development of, African 
Common Proposals to the ITU PP-18 and receive updated information on the 
arrangements towards the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference due to be held 
in Dubai, united Arab Emirates from 29th October to 16th November, 2018. 
The objective of this meeting is to review the report of the three 
preparatory meetings and provide an update on the progress, as well as 
adopt and endorse, the African Common Proposals towards PP-18 ready for 
submission to ITU. Verengai Mabika and Elizabeth Oluoch will be 
representing ISOC.
18th APT Policy and Regulatory Forum, 8-10 August, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The forum provides a platform for decision makers to discuss ICT issues that are of common interest to the region. Noelle de Guzman presented on IoT guidelines for policymakers LACIGF11, 31st July - 2 August, Buenos Aires, Argentina The 11th edition of the Latin American and the Caribbean Regional Preparatory Meeting to IGF took place in Argentina, with a packed agenda on key topics for the region in connectivity, digital inclusion, data protection, freedom of expression among others. Raul Echeberria held a keynote speech about the Future of the IGF and the need to make changes for a stronger IGF. MoU with the Philippine Government, 5 July, Manila, Philippines. The APAC Bureau signed an MoU with the Philippines’ Department of ICT (DICT) to co-develop the National ICT Ecosystem Framework using the multi-stakeholder approach. The Framework will guide ICT development in the country until 2022 Internet Governance Training Programme, 11-13 July, Manila, Philippines. In partnership with the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity, the Philippines' Department of ICT and the Philippine Chapter, the APAC Bureau conducted a 3-day training programme on Internet governance in Manila, with more than 70 representatives from government participating. ISOC comment on NTIA's Notice of Inquiry for their International Agenda, 17 July. The comment states the Internet Society’s ongoing support for the IANA Stewardship Transition; calls for the US government to champion the multistakeholder model both domestically and globally; identifies the Internet Society’s call for reform of the Internet Governance Forum; addresses extraterritoriality and the open Internet; calls on the US government to support strong encryption; and, supports the NTIA’s multistakeholder approach to securing the Internet of Things. The comment is available here: publications/isoc_comment-ntia-noi-2018-07-17.pdf Senegalese Delegation to Enhance IoT Security, 19-20 July, Ottawa, Canada. The North American Regional Bureau and African Regional Bureau hosted a delegation of Senegalese government officials in Ottawa. The Senegalese visited to learn about the ISOC-led Canadian process to enhance IoT security in order to potentially implement a similar process in their home country. The delegates met with the internal ISOC team working on the IoT initiative, the multistakeholder community that are participating in the process, and senior officials in the Canadian government. IGF-USA 2018, 27 July, Washington DC, US The Internet Governance Forum USA is a multistakeholder effort that gathers thought leaders from civil society, industry, academia and government in an effort to cultivate constructive discussions about the future of the Internet. Topics included: the future of work, privacy frameworks, connectivity, competition, smart cities, platform content moderation, extraterritoriality of court ruling; and fake news. The forum, co-chaired by ISOC DC chapter Dustin Phillips and Logan Circle Strategies’ Shane Tews, showcased a wide spectrum of thought leaders to share, connect to, and address important and controversial topics. For more information and to watch the livestream, visit: https://www.igf- G20 Open Letter - Internet Society, together with the WebFoundation and Mozilla, has published an open letter calling G20 leaders to put people at the center for sound policies on key topics such as access, privacy and data protection, freedom of expression, cybersecurity and digital economy competition. The letter is open for endorsements at: https:// African Union Commission Cybersecurity workshop, 23-27 July 2018, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia The Internet Society Africa Regional Bureau (ARB) participated at the African Union Commission (AUC) Cybersecurity workshop, which focused on setting of national CERTs. Verengai Mabika presented on the Personal Data Protection Guidelines, Internet Infrastructure and Security Guidelines as well as the IoT and MANRS campaigns. The workshop brought 120 delegates from about 30 African countries. Nigeria National Internet Governance Forum from 2-3 July 2018 ISOC Nigeria Chapter participated actively in the 2018 and took the opportunity to speak about the Community Networks (CN) Campaign. The Internet Society supported the event with remote participation and livestreaming. More at: Gambia National Internet Governance Forum from 4-5 July 2018. ISOC Gambia Chapter participated in the 2018 IGF and presented on ISOC partnership with the African Union Commission focusing on the AUC and Personal Data Protection Guidelines and CN Campaign. The Internet Society supported the event with remote participation and livestreaming. More at:

–End ISOC Liaison Report, Karen O’Donoghue–

2.2. IANA Liaison Report

–Begin IANA Liaison Report, Michelle Cotton–

IANA Services Liaison Report – 12 September 2018
SLA Deliverables Update:
- ICANN met 100% of processing goal times for the July 2018 monthly 
statistics reports, exceeding the SLA goal to meet 90% of processing 
goal times.  These times include the steps that ICANN has control over 
and not time it is waiting on requesters, document authors or other 
experts.  Monthly reports can be found at:
Other News:   
- Waiting for response from IDNA expert regarding posting of revised 
- Invitations will be sent soon for our annual survey to IANA Services 
customers from the service period September 1, 2017 through August 31, 
IANA Services Operator and IETF Leadership Meeting Minutes:
Summary of Meeting Minutes
Monday, July 16, 2018
Lunch Meeting at IETF-102, Montreal
1200 Local Time, 1600 UTC 
Jari Arkko, IAB IANA Program
Alissa Cooper, IETF Chair
Michelle Cotton, Protocol Parameters Engagement Sr. Manager
Kim Davies, IANA VP/PTI President
Ted Hardie, IAB Chair
Russ Housley, IAB IANA Program
Alexey Melnikov, Area Director
Portia Wenze-Danley, Interim IAD
Suzanne Woolf, IAB IANA Program
Sabrina Tanamal, Senior IANA Services Specialist
1. Introductions and Welcome
Alexey Melnikov has joined us today to participate in the discussion on 
Media Type Processing.
2.  Review of Action Items
Completed: M. Cotton to send Inactive Process Documentation report. Sent 
report to T. Hardie on 7/15/18.
In progress: A. Cooper and T. Hardie to review existing escalation 
Completed: A. Baber to send R. Housley information on the xmss-hash-
based-registry. Sent information to R. Housley on 3/19/18.
Completed: Review the Annual Review of Protocol Parameters report, 
prepare statement, send to IAOC for approval and posting. Posted on
In Progress: A. Cooper and T. Hardie to discuss potential 8126bis or 
other document telling community to consider what data to publish in 
registries. This will be a joint draft between the IESG, IAB and IANA 
Completed: M. Cotton to provide inventory report for Protocol Parameter 
registries for GDPR/PII. Provided report to the IETF leadership on 
Completed: M. Cotton to inquire if April call is needed to follow-up on 
GDPR discussions. Discussed during the regularly scheduled May call.
In Progress: M. Cotton and K. Davies to write an I-D with the proposed 
plan for .ARPA.
Completed: M. Cotton to deliver GDPR Plan for review. Plan delivered on 
7/15/18. See discussion below.
3. IANA Services Activity
Processed more than 1047 IETF-related requests from March 2018 - May 
2018. This includes: Document reviews, registry creations, new 
registrations, modifications to existing registrations, and deletions.  
This reporting period was for 3 months as opposed to the normal 4-month 
Added 4 new stand-alone registries since IETF-101 (March 2018- May 2018)
SLA Deliverables: 
Average cumulative percentage for December 2017-May 2018 was 99.66%. 
4. Update on Deliverables
The work for the Annual Review of Protocol Parameters by the new audit 
firm RSM has commenced.
We will kick off the review of the proposed 2019 SLA after IETF-102. 
5. Update on Projects
General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
For TRIP-ITAD Numbers: A. Cooper suggested to have a bis document 
explaining the plans for displaying addresses for future registrations 
and current registrations.
J. Arkko drafted an I-D on the TRIP postal address update.
K. Davies updates the group on a few items relating to GDPR, such as 
improving data quality, decreasing spam, and improving our documentation 
to make things more transparent. 
Everyone should read the draft plan and circulate any questions or 
concerns to the group.
Action: M. Cotton will forward to IETF’s legal counsel for their 
.ARPA – Draft in process to detail the proposed changes to the 
Registry Workflow System Project
Continuing to work through special registry cases and add functionality.

Staff started reviewing and providing feedback on submission forms 
generated from the registry fields in the database.
Potential adding status columns for registries
R. Housley said the syntax seems straightforward, but the semantics is 
not. Inquired about the notes section. M. Cotton is reviewing the notes 
section and will report back after. 

T. Hardie suggested instead of having notes fields for registries, 
create a real column for status.

More research will be done on this idea.  Right now will keep adding the 
status column on a registry by registry basis.
Customer Satisfaction Survey Changes
Working on post-ticket survey
Survey individual requesters after the completion of their request
Continue to survey customer groups annually
6. Discussion Items
Updates on Port Numbers Process Review
M. Cotton updates the group on the potential for utilizing the mailing 
list for reviewing port requests. Working with M. Kuehlewind on 
socializing the plan.
Updates about status of Media Type Experts
A. Melnikov briefly explained the primary expert’s workflow. Having some 
sort of tracking tool might be helpful.

Group discussion:
T. Hardie - weekly email seems sufficient to track progress of requests
M. Cotton suggested switching secondary to become primary expert. A. 
Melnikov will send a management item to approve this addition to 
M. Cotton suggested to pre-assign tickets to expert. A. Melnikov to 
follow up with experts to see if this would work.
M. Cotton and K. Davies will review weekly email to see if improvements 
can be made and if automation is possible for reporting.
IDN Tables – Updates from IETF-102: 
Waiting to hear the outcome from the BOF this afternoon.
Debian licensing request: 
T. Hardie - should not be modifiable to include things in a Debian 
package, they should be pointed to the IETF Trust License. K. Davies 
will respond about the license request. If follow-up is needed for the 
Debian request, the group will be contacted.
Feedback for FY20 budget: 
PTI’s bylaws require consultations with our customer groups regarding 
budget planning for FY20.

Action Item: K. Davies to send follow-up email for feedback
Update on response to NTIA regarding IANA Stewardship Transition
T. Hardie sent the IAB response to the NTIA NOI 

Action Item: Ted will send the response to our mailing list
7.  Informal Meeting Schedule
In person July 16, 2018 (Montreal) This meeting
Phone September 24, 2018
In person November 5, 2018 (Bangkok)
Phone January 28, 2019
In Person March 25, 2019 (Prague)
8. Summary of New Action Items
Action item: M. Cotton will forward GDPR plan to IETF’s legal counsel 
for their information
Action item: M. Cotton and K. Davies will review weekly email to Media 
Type experts to see if improvements can be made.
Action Item: K. Davies to send follow-up email regarding the FY20 budget 
planning for feedback
Action Item: Ted will send the NTIA NOI response to our mailing list

–End IANA Liaison Report, Michelle Cotton–

2.3. RFC Editor Liaison Report

–Begin RFC Editor Liaison Report, Heather Flanagan–

* RFC Format
Testing of the various tools associated with the new format continues. 
Alice Russo (RPC), Megan Ferguson (RPC), Jim Schaad (developer), Robert 
Sparks (PM), and Heather Flanagan (RSE) met in August to discuss details 
around svgchk, rfclint, and xmldiff. Those tools are feature complete 
and the developer is now focusing on bug reports. Another meeting will 
be scheduled in September with Henrik Levkowetz and the RPC testing team 
to discuss the preptool and publication formatter functionality.

See for 
information on the expected release schedule for the various tools.

* GitHub Experiment
With the publication of RFC 8446 (TLS 1.3), the first half of the 
experiment to use GitHub during AUTH48 is complete. The experiment will 
continue, modified based on what the RPC and the authors found from the 
first round of interaction, when draft-ietf-rtcweb-jsep-24 is ready 
AUTH48for . Exactly what will change is still under discussion. For more 
information on the process being followed, please see:

* Planning for 2019 Priorities
The RSE and key RPC staff are planning to meet in October to discuss the 
priority and scope of work in 2019. This is just the first step in 
identifying and prioritizing RFC Editor efforts; the next steps will be 
to discuss this with the RSOC, the stream managers, and the community.


The RPC is not expecting to meet the SLA in Q3. Significant time has 
been dedicated to both testing new tools and the GitHub experiment, as 
well as training a new editor, Reuben Esparza, who replaces Dave Fonseca 
on the RPC team.

See the reports page for the latest information on the SLA.

–End RFC Editor Liaison Report, Heather Flanagan–

2.4. ICANN Liaison Report

–Begin ICANN Liaison Report, Jonne Soininen–

I.  Public Comments needing attention (only highlights)
(All public comment processes:

Recommendations for Managing IDN Variant Top-Level Domains
End date: 17 Sep 2018

Proposals for Kannada, Oriya and Telugu Scripts' Root ZoneLabel 
Generation Rules
End date: 20 Sep 2018 

Proposals for Devanagari, Gurmukhi, and Gujarati Scripts' Root Zone 
Label Generation Rules
(Proposals for Devanagari, Gurmukhi, and Gujarati Scripts' Root Zone 
Label Generation Rules)
End date: 21 Sep 2018

Initial Report on the New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Policy Development 
Process (Overarching Issues & Work Tracks 1-4)
End date: 26 Sep 2018 

Next Steps On Reviews
End Date: 5 Oct 2018 

Proposed gTLD-Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) Profile
End date: 13 Oct 2018 

Registration Directory Service (RDS-WHOIS2) Review Team Draft Report of 
End Date: 4 Nov 2018 

II.  Topics that could be relevant

Ongoing activities: 

Namespace issues
The SSAC has answered the board's request for a project proposal on 
namespace collisions (
fund-replenishment-2018-03-06-en) as reported the last time. The board 
is still waiting for the updated version if the project proposal, which 
is expected to come relatively soon.

As expected GDPR is continuing to be an active issue as can be read in 
different publications close to the domain name issues. ICANN started an 
“Expedited Policy Development Process” (EPDP) to address the temporary 
specification (

New board members become active
This upcoming board retreat will be the first one where the new board 
members finally become active. This means that Harald (IETF liaison), 
Merike Kaeo (SSAC), Tripti Sinha (Nomcom) and Nigel Roberts (CCNSO) will 
now be in the meeting and start working with the board. 

III.  (If relevant) upcoming meeting topics of importance

ICANN Board retreat, 14-16th September 2018

–End ICANN Liaison Report, Jonne Soininen–

3. Future Tech Plenaries

Melinda Shore reported that the Plenary Planning Program has a meeting next week and will review the current list of proposals. The Program is still looking at decentralized infrastructure as the topic for the plenary in Bangkok.

4. Public IAB Teleconferences

The IAB took an action at their last meeting to review the narrative notes from three previous IAB meetings and mark whether each section could have been discussed in a public session. Ted Hardie noted that there were a couple of topics where there was disagreement amongst those who reviewed the notes.

One area where there was disagreement about whether the conversation could be had in public was the “Future Tech Plenaries” topic. Brian Trammell noted that parts of the discussion (such as plenary topics) could be public, but that there would need to be a way to discuss potential speakers that would not result in a loss of face if a particular speaker was not chosen for a plenary.

Suzanne Woolf noted that in reviewing the transcripts, the IAB had the benefit of hindsight; in real-time making portions of the IAB meetings public would probably result in a change to how the IAB does their work.

Melinda Shore said that if there are topics on an agenda that will not be discussed in public, the IAB should articulate why those discussions require confidentiality. The IAB identified a few potential reasons discussions would require confidentiality:

  • Discussions of personnel matters
  • Negotiations with other bodies
  • Tech chats where the guest was not comfortable speaking to the public

Ted Hardie and Cindy Morgan will propose agendas for the next two IAB meeting that could be split into public and confidential sections. Based on those proposals, the IAB will decide whether to proceed with an experiment to make IAB teleconferences public.

5. Shine Program

The IAB discussed the proposed Shine Program. Christian Huitema said that he sees things falling under a few different categories:

  • The perceived loss of privacy
  • The asymmetric relationship between users and platforms
  • The lack of trust on information
  • The ossification of the Internet

Ted Hardie said that he was interested in looking at where these things reinforce each other.

Brian Trammell suggested that holding a workshop on this topic first might make it easier to see where there is energy to do work, and thus easier to organize into an IAB Program. Several people agreed; Christian Huitema and Brian Trammell took an action to write a proposal for a “loss of shine” workshop.

6. ESCAPE Workshop

This item was deferred because Mark Nottingham was unable to attend the meeting.

7. IETF/IEEE 802 Joint Meeting

Ted Hardie asked the IAB to start thinking about agenda topics for the joint meeting between the IAB, IESG, and IEEE 802 leadership that will happen after IETF 103 in Bangkok. Ted asked the IAB to send potential topics out to the list and cc Russ Housley as the liaison manager to IEEE-SA.

8. IDNA Parameter Registry Update

Ted Hardie reported that he and Suzanne Woolf have talked to Patrik Faltstrom about updating the IDNA Parameter Registry. Patrik is currently deciding whether to update the tables now and publish draft-faltstrom-unicode11 as a retrospective of what happened, or to update the document and try to collect more feedback before updating the tables. If the document is used to collect feedback, the IAB should comment quickly, as the longer the tables go without being updated, the more risk there is for breaking interoperability.