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IAB Minutes 2022-03-20

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Minutes of the 2022-03-20 IAB Business Meeting
IETF 113, Vienna, Austria and Online

1. Present:

Jari Arkko
Ben Campbell
Deborah Brungard
Lars Eggert (IETF Chair)
Cullen Jennings
Wes Hardaker
Mallory Knodel
Mirja Kühlewind (IAB Chair)
Zhenbin Li
Jared Mauch
Cindy Morgan (IAB Executive Administrative Manager)
Karen O’Donoghue (ISOC Liaison)
Tommy Pauly
Colin Perkins (IRTF Chair)
David Schinazi
Russ White
Qin Wu
Jiankang Yao

2. IAB Chair Selection for 2022-2023

The IAB selected Mirja Kühlewind as the IAB Chair for 2022-2023.

Lars Eggert asked to add an item to the retreat agenda about growing potential chair candidates.

3. Program Leads

The IAB reviewed their Technical Programs and Administrative Support Groups and decided on the following leads for 2022-2023:

  • Evolvability, Deployability, & Maintainability (EDM)
    Leads: Tommy Pauly, David Schinazi
  • Internet Threat Model (model-t)
    Leads: Jari Arkko, Russ White
  • RFC Editor Future Development Program
    IAB Liaison: Wes Hardaker
  • IETF-IANA Group
    IAB Members: Jari Arkko, Cullen Jennings, Mirja Kühlewind
  • RFC Series Oversight Committee (RSOC)
    IAB Liaisons: Cullen Jennings, David Schinazi

4. Liaison Coordinators

Deborah Brungard will join Wes Hardaker and Tommy Pauly as Liaison Coordinators, with the plan that Wes will transition out sometime in the next six months or so.

5. IAB Liaison to the IESG

Qin Wu will be the IAB liaison to the IESG for 2022-2023.

6. IAB Liaison to NomCom

Cullen Jennings will be the IAB Liaison to the 2022-2023 IETF NomCom.

7. IAB Stream Manager / IAB Representative to RSAB

Mirja Kühlewind will be the IAB representative to the RFC Series Advisory Board for 2022-2023.

8. Architecture-Discuss Moderators

Mallory Knodel and Jiankang Yao will moderate the architecture-discuss list for 2022-2023.

9. Comms Review Team

Mirja Kühlewind and Lars Eggert will check with Greg Wood on the current status of the Comms Review Team.

10. ARPA Change Control Approver

Wes Hardaker will continue as the ARPA Change Control Approved for 2022-2023.

11. Follow up on RFC Editor Model Documents

The IAB approved the editorial changes on draft-iab-rfcefdp-rfced- model-13. The IAB will wait until the related IETF-stream documents have been approved to send draft-iab-rfcefdp-rfced-model-13 to the RFC Editor.

draft-carpenter-rfced-iab-charter is currently going through a second IETF Last Call (ends 2022-04-05) for non-editorial changes. This document also needs to be endorsed by the ISOC Board of Trustees.

draft-rsalz-2028bis and draft-rosen-rfcefdp-update-2026 are both in the IESG state “Approved-announcement to be sent::AD Followup.”