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IAB Minutes 2022-08-10

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Minutes of the 2022-08-10 IAB Business Meeting

1. Administrivia

1.1. Attendance


Harald Alvestrand (ICANN Liaison)
Jari Arkko
Deborah Brungard
Liz Flynn (IETF Secretariat)
Wes Hardaker
Cullen Jennings
Mirja Kühlewind (IAB Chair)
Warren Kumari (IESG Liaison)
Cindy Morgan (IAB Executive Administrative Manager)
Tommy Pauly
Colin Perkins (IRTF Chair)
Sabrina Tanamal (IANA Liaison)
Russ White
Greg Wood (IETF Director of Communications and Operations)
Qin Wu
Jiankang Yao


Lars Eggert (IETF Chair)
Mallory Knodel
Zhenbin Li
Karen O’Donoghue (ISOC Liaison)
David Schinazi


Mark McFadden

1.2. Agenda bash and announcements

An item on the Model-T Program was added to the agenda.

1.3. Meeting Minutes

The following meeting minutes were approved:

  • 2022-06-29 business meeting – (posted 2022-06-29)
  • 2022-07-06 business meeting – (posted 2022-07-06)

The following meeting minutes remain under review:

  • 2022-07-24 business meeting – Sunday IETF 114 – (posted 2022-08-08)
  • 2022-07-26 business meeting – Tuesday IETF 114 – (posted 2022-08-08)

1.4. Action item review

  • 2022-07-06: Cindy Morgan to send an e-vote on the CCG appointment.
  • 2022-07-06: Jari Arkko to propose additional text for the IAB Statement to OSTP on Privacy-Enhancing Technologies.
  • 2022-07-06: Mirja Kühlewind to send out the IAB Statement to OSTP on Privacy-Enhancing Technologies once the additional text from Jari Arkko has been added.
  • 2022-07-06: Mirja Kühlewind to send a draft IAB Open agenda out to the IAB for review.
  • 2022-07-06: Wes Hardaker to draft a message to the RFC Editor Future Development Program about the closure of the Program.
  • 2022-07-06: Cindy Morgan and Mirja Kühlewind to finalize the IAB agenda for IETF 114.
  • 2022-07-06: IAB to finalize the name/acronym for the ISTS Workshop.
  • 2022-07-06: Cindy Morgan to update the RFC Editor Model (Version 3) transition announcement based on the feedback received.
  • 2022-07-06: Cindy Morgan to update the BOF coverage wiki for IETF 114.
  • 2022-06-22: Karen O’Donoghue to finalize the initial ISOC members of the IAB-ISOC ASG.
  • 2022-06-22: Jari Arkko and Lars Eggert to finalize the Call for Papers text for the “Measuring the environmental impact of Internet Applications and Systems Workshop.”
  • 2022-06-15: David Schinazi to work with Martin Thomson on a new revision to draft-iab-protocol-maintenance that incorporates the feedback received to date.
  • 2021-05-26: Russ White and Jared Mauch to review the IAB discussion on “The Internet of Three Protocols” and draft a problem statement to see if there is work that the IAB can do in this space.
In Progress:
  • 2021-11-17: Mirja Kühlewind and Cindy Morgan to put together some options for the IAB Website revamp for the IAB to review.
  • 2021-09-08: Liaison Coordinators to come up with a list of potential candidates to reach out to for future IAB-appointed positions.
  • 2022-04-13: Liaison Coordinators/Liaison Managers to document how the liaison role works for their respective SDOs.
  • 2022-05-20: Cullen Jennings to look into a possible IAB Technical Discussion on Internet user identity in Internet communications applications.
  • 2022-06-15: Mirja Kühlewind to check with Robert Sparks/Tools Team on how to document the proposed changes to the liaison tool and approval process.
  • 2022-07-06: Warren Kumari to try and schedule a tech talk with Suzanne Woolf on an alternate DNS system.
  • 2022-07-24: Mallory Knodel and Mirja Kühlewind to draft a document outlining the architectural principles that the IAB thinks are important and need to be understood when considering Internet governance.
  • 2022-07-26: Cindy Morgan to send a message to architecture-discuss that the IAB is considering adoption of draft-nottingham-avoiding-internet-centralization.
  • 2022-08-10: Warren Kumari and Wes Hardaker to confer on the next steps for discussions about an alternate DNS system (e.g. Design team, IAB Program, etc.)
  • 2022-08-10: Cindy Morgan to follow up with Mark Nottingham about whether the current version of draft-nottingham-avoiding-internet-centralization is the one the IAB should review for the discussion about adoption on the IAB stream, and whether he is available to have that discussion at the 2022-09-07 meeting.
  • 2022-08-10: Russ White to draft a proposal for a workshop on BGP and routing security.
  • 2022-08-10: Jari Arkko to send a message to the Model-T Program indicating that the IAB is planning to close the Program.
  • 2022-08-10: Cindy Morgan to send an e-vote on the ICANN Board Liaison Appointment.
  • 2022-08-10: Cindy Morgan to send an e-vote on the RZERC Appointment.

1.5. IAB Document Status Update


  • draft-iab-aid-workshop-01
    IAB State: Sent to RFC Editor
  • draft-iab-mnqeu-report-03
    IAB State: Community Review (ends 2022-07-27)

    • Wes Hardaker reported that he will post a minor update to incorporate comments from the community review, and then this should be ready for IAB approval.
  • draft-iab-path-signals-collaboration-01
    IAB State: Community Review (ends 2022-08-25)
  • draft-iab-protocol-maintenance-08
    IAB State: Active IAB Document
  • draft-iab-rfc7991bis-04
    I-D Exists
    * Being discussed in RSWG

    • Mirja Kühlewind reported that this draft is under discussion in the RSWG, as there is some debate about which stream it should be published on under the new RFC Editor Model. Mirja will track this and report back to the IAB as necessary.

1.6. WG Chartering in Progress


  • NomCom Eligibility Update (elegy)
    Internal Steering Group/IAB Review (Initial Chartering)
    IESG Telechat: 2022-08-11
    * IAB review assigned to Cullen Jennings (done)
  • Media Over QUIC (moq)
    Internal Steering Group/IAB Review (Initial Chartering)
    IESG Telechat: 2022-08-11
    * IAB review assigned to Zhenbin Li
  • Revise Universally Unique UID Definitions (uuidrev)
    Internal Steering Group/IAB Review (Initial Chartering)
    IESG Telechat: 2022-08-11
    * IAB review assigned to Jari Arkko (done)

2. Monthly Reports

2.1. IRTF Chair Report

–Begin IRTF Chair Report, Colin Perkins–

IRTF chair report to the IAB for the month ending 10 August 2022.

Research Groups

Kurtis Heimerl appointed co-chair of GAIA; Leandro Navarro stepped down. 
In process of appointing additional chairs for ICCRG.


ANRP award talks for IETF 114 were given by Sam Kumar and Tushar Swamy. 
Starting to arrange logistics with Gautam Akiwate, Corrine Cath, and 
Daniel Wagner who will receive their awards at IETF 115. Initial 
planning for ANRP 2023.


ANRW took place during IETF 114. The accepted papers are of a good 
standard for the workshop, but submissions were down this year and the 
programme was a little sparse. Well received invited talks relating to 
protocol specification techniques. Will review with the TPC chairs to 
identify actions to take forward for ANRW 2023.

Documents and Errata

With RFC Editor


In IESG Conflict Review


In IRSG Final Poll

draft-irtf-qirg-principles (poll concluded, minor comments to consider)
draft-irtf-icnrg-ccninfo (poll concluded)

In IRSG Review

draft-irtf-cfrg-vrf (awaiting go-ahead from Mallory Knodel)
draft-irtf-icnrg-icntraceroute (Chris Wood reviewed; update needed)
draft-irtf-icnrg-icnping (Chris Wood reviewed; update needed)
draft-irtf-nwcrg-bats (Dave Oran reviewed; minor update needed)

In IRTF Chair Review

draft-irtf-hrpc-guidelines (follow-up to IETF 114 comments needed)
draft-irtf-nwcrg-tetrys (IRTF chair review needed)

Other Activities

Diversity and ANRW travel grant awards from IETF 114 being finalised. 
Planning starting for diversity travel grants for IETF 115.

–End IRTF Chair Report, Colin Perkins–

2.2. ICANN Liaison Report

–Begin ICANN Liaison Report, Harald Alvestrand–

2022-08-08 ICANN report

This report covers items that seem to be of interest up to August 2022.

Most of it is about the Haag ICANN meeting in June.

Getting Back Together: ICANN 74 in Haag

The first ICANN meeting with a face to face component in 2 years was 
naturally a time for rejoicing at the ability to meet again - and, for 
many, an opportunity to renew old acquaintances.

Within the meeting rooms themselves, there were lots of remote 
participants, and the remote participation worked with reasonable 
smoothness - but it is still clear: The meetings may be distributed - 
but the inbetween time isn’t.

Glorious weather and a good turnout - many people weren’t there, but 
many people were.

Some items discussed in Haag are touched on below; others are just 
ongoing items.


Lots of cycles have been spent on “how to prioritize ICANN’s work”. It 
is not clear that any consensus has emerged - it seems that most people 
ultimately think that “the board should make the decisions” - simply 
because any other mechanism of prioritization will be amenable to gaming 
from the people who have differing opinions on what should be done and 
when. At least the board is someone everyone can agree on blaming for 
decisions anyway.

Best quote on the subject in the Haag plenary session came from 
Sebastian Bachollet: “Cross purposes is the natural state of ICANN”. 
Great observation!


This came up in discussion with the SSAC, and a few other conversations. 
The conversation doesn’t seem to be showing up new roadblocks for the 
current “let IANA call it” proposal - it is noted that IANA has picked 
labels out of hats before.

New naming systems

The ads pushed by Unstoppable Domains and others were mentioned by many 
people during the meetings - a general feeling that “even though this 
kind of thing never worked in the past, perhaps it will work this time?” 
could be felt. But it is still clear that nobody has good answers to how 
the “unstoppables” will deal with things like conflicts, trademarks or 
actual name-related abuse - all the marketing material seems to be like 
“we’ll ignore this problem”.

New Root Server Governance model

This work is going forward - there was a presentation of two different 
models on how the organization could be structured (Affiliate vs 
Supporting Organization) - people seemed to work well together on 
teasing out what the models were seeking to achieve, rather than trying 
to decide which version was “best”.

DNS Abuse

The “DNS abuse” definition of “malware, phising, botnets, bad stuff done 
where names are part of the mix” seems to have become established fact.

An attempt was made to talk about “the subset of abuse issues where 
suspending a domain is an appropriate and proportional response” - that 
is really the only kind of thing ICANN should be concerned with; all 
other forms are outside of ICANN’s remit.

Slow processing

An example of why things are going slow can be seen with the “accuracy 
scoping team” - charged with formulating questions that can be asked 
about DNS data accuracy (“DNS data” = “the data formerly known as 
WHOIS”). Some participants were eager to point out that since we can’t 
see WHOIS data any more, we can’t prove that there is an accuracy 
problem; others pointed out that there’s no reason to believe that 
things have improved since the “Before Times”.

The group did not come up with a consensus definition on what accuracy 
is; one party held that accuracy was defined what was in contracts; 
another party held that “I know it when I see it”.

At the moment, the group is asking for its work to be suspended until it 
is easier to access data.

New gTLD round

Nothing much to report here. And that is perhaps significant in itself.

Issues keep on being worked on, and some even get resolved, but it’s a 
long slow process.

–End ICANN Liaison Report, Harald Alvestrand–

2.3. IANA Liaison Report

–Begin IANA Liaison Report, Sabrina Tanamal–

IANA Services Liaison Report – 10 August 2022
SLA Deliverables Update:
ICANN met 100% of processing goal times for the June 2022 monthly 
statistics report, exceeding the SLA goal to meet 90% of processing goal 
times. These times include the steps that ICANN has control over and not 
time it is waiting on requesters, document authors or other experts. 
Monthly reports can be found at:
Other News:
IETF-IANA Group Meeting was held on 26 July 2022. Meeting minutes will 
be available at a future IAB Business meeting.

–End IANA Liaison Report, Sabrina Tanamal–

2.4. RFC Editor Liaison Report

–Begin RFC Editor Liaison Report, John Levine–

With the publication of the new RFC Editor model, the [Temporary RFC 
Series Project Manager] enters the twilight zone.  Since the RSOC no 
longer exists, it is not clear who he reports to.  Our best guess is the 
RSAB, but we're open to suggestions.

He published draft-irse-xml2rfcv3-implemented which describes the 
current state of the XML grammar that xml2rfc handles.  It is largely 
the same content as the former draft-iab-xml2rfc-v3-bis but since RSWG 
discussions appear unlikely to converge on a successor to RFC 7991 any 
time soon, it seemed better to offer it as a current snapshot instead.

The search for the RSCE continues and barring surprises we should have a 
candidate who can start later this year.  None of the candidates who 
applied have much XML expertise, so it seems likely we'll want to have 
someone on call for the XML bits, perhaps the curent iRSE in a reduced 

–End RFC Editor Liaison Report, John Levine–

3. IAB Workshop on Environmental Impact of Internet Applications and Systems

Cindy Morgan noted that the call for papers for the IAB Workshop on Environmental Impact of Internet Applications and Systems went out to IETF-Announce and architecture-discuss on 2022-08-09, and asked whether the CFP should be forwarded anywhere else. Jari Arkko replied that he and the workshop program committee will discuss this and forward the CFP as appropriate.

4. IAB Statement on Routing Security

The IAB agreed that this topic would be better explored in an workshop than in an IAB statement. Russ White took an action to write up a proposal for an IAB workshop on BGP and routing security.

5. Model-T Program Update

At IETF 114, the IAB proposed closing the Model-T Program and continuing the work in other venues. After receiving feedback on this proposal and talking with some of the key participants, Jari Arkko said that he still thinks the Program can be closed. Jari Arkko will send a message to the Program mailing list indicating that the IAB is considering closing the Program.

6. Next IAB Meeting

The next IAB teleconference will be on 2022-08-24 at 0700 PDT.

7. Root Zone Evolution Review Committee (RZERC) Appointment

Cindy Morgan will send an e-vote for the Root Zone Evolution Review Committee (RZERC) appointment.

8. ICANN Board Liaison Appointment

Cindy Morgan will send an e-vote for the ICANN Board Liaison appointment.