Internet Architecture Board


July 2005

Global Grid Forum – Liaison Report for July 2005

Brian Carpenter

Brian Carpenter and David Chadwick both attended GGF14 in Chicago on June 27-30.

Brian Carpenter (outgoing liaison manager for GGF), David Chadwick (incoming liaison) and Cees de Laat (their liaison manager for IETF) met for a discussion and the final handover to David.

Ray Pelletier (IAD) was present on the Monday, and he and Brian Carpenter met with Steve Crumb, the GGF’s Executive Director, to discuss common problems and possible cooperation.

As IETF Chair, Brian Carpenter met with Mark Linesch, the current GGF Chair. He has a management and marketing background, and is still getting used to a consensus-based technical organization. The GGF really haven’t separated their sponsor-based fundraising from their technical work as cleanly as the IETF has. Mark puts quite a lot of emphasis on overall goals and roadmaps and on showing the sponsors that they are getting something back.

The GGF now has a monster steering group, which seems to cover what we aim to do with the IESG, the IAB, the IAOC and some of ISOC all in one group of about 30 people.

Brian also met with Julian Replogle, responsible for GGF document management software. He asked specifically if there was scope for technical collaboration with the IETF, since they are not happy with “Gridforge” (i.e. their use of Sourceforge for document handling).

Finally, Brian participated in a panel in the first session of the new GGF SCRM WG on coordination of management standards across various standards bodies (GGF, DMTF, IETF, etc.).