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May 2004


May 2004 IETF/IEEE 802 Liaison Report

Status of IEEE 802 Liaison Requests

Followup from January meeting in Vancouver

Followup on the IEEE 802 side from the January Vancouver meeting has been somewhat inconsistent. IEEE 802 supplied a list of future meeting dates to the Secretariat as promised, but did not deliver on the promised letter granting access to IEEE 802 archives to IETF WG chairs on a general, rather than “one off” basis. Paul Nickolich, IEEE 802 chair, also appears to have backtracked from a previous promise to supply the IESG/IAB with a list of proposed PARs. Bert Wijnen continues to work with Tony Jeffree on providing IEEE 802 with access to the “New Work” announcements.

David Harrington continues to work with IEEE 802.1 as the “MIB Doctor”, albeit expressing concern about the number of new patients requiring triage.

The RADEXT WG has included in its proposed charter a work item relating to Design Guidelines, addressing an issue raised in the joint session with IEEE 802.1 in Vancouver.


The Wireless Internetworking Study Group (WIEN) has been chartered by IEEE 802.11 and is looking into internetworking of 3G and WLAN technologies, including some of the issues relating to AAA and EAP Network Discovery that had been discussed in EAP WG at IETF 59. A brief summary of the IETF discussion will be presented there.


Review of the IETF CAPWAP taxonomy document has been proceeding. Regular conference calls have been lead by Dorothy Stanley, and at the IEEE 802.11 interim in Garden City, a summary of comments has been compiled and a cover letter supplied by Stuart Kerry, Chair of IEEE 802.11. Overall, IEEE 802.11 has found the document to be largely accurate and informative.

Further discussion on AP functional needs of CAPWAP will be occurring in the WLAN NG WG this week, with another vote scheduled for Friday, May 14, 2004 on potential Study Group formation.

Ethertype Requests

The Routing Area Director Alex Zinin requested assignment of an Ethertype from IEEE 802 without payment of fees. The request was granted by IEEE 802.

Publication Requests

IEEE 802.11 has requested that draft-walker-ieee802-req-00 be published as an Informational RFC. The document has gone to IETF last call, comments have been received and a vote on the proposed resolutions has been scheduled within IEEE 802.11 for Friday, May 14, 2004.

In order to clarify the requested handling of EAP method documents claiming to meet these requirements, IEEE 802.11 has inserted a clause requesting that such documents be sent to IETF last call.

IETF Dependencies

With the assignment of an RFC # to draft-ietf-eap-rfc2284bis-09.txt (RFC 3748), all IETF dependencies of the IEEE 802.1X-REV and IEEE 802.11i standards are now satisfied. It is projected that both documents will be completed and ratified as IEEE standards in the June-July 2004 time frame.

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