Internet Architecture Board


August 2004

August 2004 IETF/IEEE 802 Liaison Report

Posting of IEEE 802 Liaison Statements on the IETF Web Site

Three tickets were issued, requesting posting of IEEE 802 liaison statements on the IETF web site. Of the requests, only one was resolved, the posting of a liaison statement from Paul Nikolich, chair of IEEE 802:

IETF Actions on IEEE 802 Requests

The IESG approved publication of “EAP Method Requirements for Wireless LANs”, draft-walker-iee802-req-04.txt as an Informational RFC. Among other things, this document requests IETF last call review of EAP methods claiming conformance to the 802.11 WLAN requirements. Discussions with the AD concluded that this request could only be honored for documents that were the product of an IETF WG. Publication had been requested in a liaison letter from Stuart Kerry, (802.11 Chair) dated Friday, February 20, 2004:

Separately, a liaison request came in from 3GPP for the publication of documents specifying EAP AKA and EAP SIM. Since these specifications are not the work items of any IETF WG, and since they do not claim conformance to the 802.11 WLAN requirements, a lighter weight review process is proposed:

EAP WG initiated review of draft-adrangi-eap-network-discovery-03.txt, which is being handled as an AD-sponsored individual submission to the RFC Editor. Comments on the document are being solicited until September 23, 2004:

A request for review was also sent to the IEEE 802.11 liaison, Dorothy Stanley, and the IEEE 802.11 WIEN Study Group Chair. This satisfies the request for 802.11 review included in the liaison letter from Stuart Kerry, Chair of 802.11, dated July 2004: