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June 2005

June 2005 IEEE 802/IETF Liaison Report

Bernard Aboba
June 2005

Status Report

Dorothy Stanley’s May 2005 status report is available here.

Document Reviews

IEEE 802.11 & IEEE 802.21 have completed their review of draft-iab-link-indications-01.txt, and Stuart Kerry has sent a liaison letter with the comments.

IEEE 802.11 has provided the CAPWAP WG with a review of draft-ietf-capwap-objectives-02.txt.

IEEE 802.11u also discussed the DNA link-layer event notification document, but did not provide comments.

Additional Document Reviews

There are two new requests for reviews of IETF documents by IEEE 802:

1. Dave Thaler has requested an IEEE 802.1 review of ND-Proxy:


To solicit comments, Paul Congdon, Vice-Chair of IEEE 802.1 has sent a request for review to the IEEE 802.1 mailing list and will also bring these documents up at the IEEE 802.1 meeting during the July IEEE 802 plenary in San Francisco.

2. DNA WG has been developing additional IEEE 802-related material for a future version of the link information document:

The next version of the document will add material on IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.1D and IEEE 802.1AB:

For this document, review by several IEEE 802 TGs (.1, .3, etc.) is probably needed. Mick Seaman of IEEE 802.1 has provided detailed comments so far.

Liaison Requests

Two liaison letters were received from Roger Marks, Chair of IEEE 802.16:

The first letter requested a MIB review as well as security reviews by the EAP and MSEC WGs. The second letter appointed Jeff Mandin as the liaison from IEEE 802.16 to IETF.

Bert Wijnen has completed the MIB review. Work is ongoing within MSEC WG on the review of IEEE 802.16e multicast security.

The IETF EAP WG, working with a team from Stanford University lead by Prof. John C. Mitchell, has completed a security review of IEEE 802.16e. The review is based on RFC 3748, the EAP Key Management Framework document, and a soon-to-be submitted draft on AAA Key Management:

The review is available here:

Pointers have been posted to the EAP and SAAG mailing lists.

IEEE 802.16 has created a Security forum to discuss the review.

IETF New Work

The IESG discussed a revision of the TRILL WG charter during its retreat on April 28/29th:

There has been some discussion of this on the IEEE 802.1 mailing list.

IEEE 802 New Work

Here is some information on additional IEEE 802.1 PARs under consideration:

  1. Shortest Path Bridging PAR and 5C’s:
  2. VLAN MIBs PAR and 5C’s:
  3. Revised MAC Service Definition PAR (revised to extend the end date. As this is amending, and not introducing new functionality to, an existing PAR, there is no requirement for 5c’s):