Internet Architecture Board


July 2005

July 2005 IEEE 802/IETF Liaison Report

Bernard Aboba
July 2005

Document reviews

  1. IEEE 802.11u has reviewed draft-ohba-mobopts-mpa-framework-00.txt. The review is available here:
  2. Dave Thaler has gotten some initial feedback from IEEE 802.1 on ND-Proxy:

    Paul Congdon, Vice-Chair of IEEE 802.1 will request additional comments at the IEEE 802.1 meeting on Monday, July 18, 2005.
  3. DNA WG has gotten some feedback from IEEE 802.1 (Mick Seaman) on the link information document:
  4. IEEE 802.1 reviewed the Identity Selection document at the last IEEE 802 plenary. Paul Congdon indicated that they favored use of EAP-based discovery techniques for wired IEEE 802 networks, rather than duplicating this functionality in IEEE 802.1. IEEE 802.1AB cannot be used to solve the problem described in the document, since its advertisements can only be heard once authentication is complete. For more information on identity selection, see:

Liaison Requests

As mentioned in the June 2005 liaison report, IEEE 802.16 had requested IETF review of IEEE 802.16e from the EAP WG, security area (SAAG), MSEC WG, and MIB Doctors. The MIB, EAP and Security reviews have been completed. The MSEC WG review is still in progress.

IEEE 802.16 Chair Roger Marks has requested that IETF participants in the IEEE 802.16e security review attend an IEEE 802.16e meeting during the plenary to discuss the review and the proposed fixes. Yoshihiro Ohba, Bernard Aboba, and possibly some of Prof. John Mitchell’s students will attend. The IEEE 802.16e security review is available here:

Pending Issues

TRILL Work Item Review

The TRILL WG charter includes IEEE 802 review within its milestones. IEEE 802.1 has been notified of this, but would like more detail on what is expected. For example, is this a request for a review by IEEE 802.1? Review by IEEE 802 as a whole? Paul Congdon, vice-chair of IEEE 802.1 has set some time aside for discussion at the IEEE 802.1 meeting on Monday, July 18. Feedback/ideas are welcome.

MIB Transition

The IETF Bridgemib WG has submitted its chartered deliverables to the IESG for approval as Proposed Standards. The documents include a new MIB module and an update to RFC 2674. The RSTP-MIB, P-BRIDGE-MIB and Q-BRIDGE-MIB modules provide objects for the management of IEEE 802.1t, 802.1u, 802.1v, and 802.1w enhancements to IEEE 802.1D-1998.

In response to AD-Evaluation comments, some changes have been requested for the clarification of some aspects of the IEEE 802.1t/u/v/w enhancements. The co-chairs of the Bridgemib WG are working with the chair and vice chair of IEEE 802.1 to address the issues so we can finalize and advance the Bridgemib documents.

These Bridgemib WG documents are expected to be the last documents produced by the IETF Bridgemib WG. Subsequent MIB module work to support IEEE 802.1 technologies will be done by the IEEE 802.1 WG.

Dave Harrington has made an initial proposal for transitioning MIB work BRIDGEMIB WG to IEEE 802.1. The next step is to get a draft document describing how the transfer will be accomplished. Time is being set aside during the IEEE 802.1 session on Monday, July 18 to discuss this.

Jumbo Frames

Bill Fenner has inquired about a potential discussion with IEEE 802 relating to Jumbo Frames. IEEE 802.3 is now considering the issue of frame size expansion, so they are probably the right group to talk to. It is possible that an informal meeting could be set up to discuss this during the July IEEE 802 plenary in San Francisco, if there is interest.

Fast BSS Transition

One of the participants in IEEE 802.11r (Dan Harkins) is working on a review of an early IEEE 802.11r draft for conformance to existing EAP and AAA documents such as RFC 3748, the EAP Keying Framework, Housley AAA Key Management criteria, etc. It is possible that this review will turn up issues similar to those encountered in IEEE 802.16e. Bernard Aboba will attend the IEEE 802.11r meeting to understand the issue.