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September 2005

IEEE 802/IETF Liaison Report

Bernard Aboba
September 2005

Liaison Reports

IEEE 802.11 Liaison Report

Dorothy Stanley’s IEEE 802.11 liaison report for September 2005 is located here:


IEEE 802.1 Liaison Report

Paul Congdon’s IEEE 802.1 liaison report for September 2005 is located here:

The report discusses requirements for Bandwidth limitation, currently under discussion in RADEXT WG. Further input on this is likely to be forthcoming from IEEE 802.1.

Review Requests

IETF Requests for IEEE 802 Review

IEEE 802 has completed all outstanding requests for review of IETF documents. Additional review requests will be forthcoming (TRILL WG), but there is nothing in the queue at the moment.

IEEE 802 Requests for IETF Review

A liaison request is being prepared from IEEE 802.11u to IETF, requesting comments on the IEEE 802.11u requirements document. A draft of the liaison letter (not yet received) is available here:


Roger Marks, Chair of IEEE 802.16, sent a liaison letter to the IETF, requesting review of IEEE 802.16e, and granting access to the 802.16 archive:

A team from the EAP WG and Prof. John Mitchell’s group at Stanford University subsequently completed a security review of IEEE 802.16eD8:

A followon review of IEEE 802.16eD10 was then requested in order to determine whether the issues raised in the original review had been addressed. This followon review was completed:

Potential New Work


The GELS BOF relates to use of GMPLS as a data control plane for Ethernet Switching. To date there has been no discussion with IEEE 802.1 on this.

IP over 802.16 BOF

Questions have been raised about access to IEEE 802.16 and WiMax specifications relevant to this BOF.

Access to finished IEEE 802 specifications is available via the Get IEEE 802 program:

Roger Marks, Chair of IEEE 802.16 had previously provided access to the 802.16 archives to IETF participants:

The BOF chairs have been provided with the archive access information in order to enable access to 802.16 work in progress by BOF participants.

IETF/IEEE 802 Discussions in Progress

IETF/IEEE 802 Relationship Document

The IESG has now completed review of the IETF/IEEE 802 relationship document:

Some questions have arisen from WG chairs, with respect to how they should implement access to IEEE 802 archives. This sounds like a good topic for incorporation into the WG Chair training sessions.

Next step is review by the IEEE 802 ExComm.

MIB Transfer

The revised bridge MIB has been published as RFC 4188. The RSTP MIB is now in the RFC Editor queue.

draft-ietf-bridge-ext-v2-07.txt which includes the revisions for the Q-BRIDGE-MIB and P-BRIDGE-MIB was approved by the IESG.

David Harrington has completed a first draft of the MIB transfer document:

Next step is wider review (including review by Jorge Contreras).

Miscellaneous Issues

IEEE 802.16 standards and work in progress have been made available to the IETF community. However, the documents produced by the WiMax Forum relating to support for IP over 802.16 using “raw IP” and “802.3/ethernet” encapsulations unfortunately remain available to WiMax Forum members only.

It would be helpful if these documents were to be made more generally available so that participants in the IP over 802.16 BOF could understand the status of the relevant parts of this work and make use of it:

1. WiMax Forum Mobility Task Group –
Profiles draft document

2. WiMax Forum Network Working Group –
Systems Architecture draft document