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November 2005

IETF/IEEE 802 Liaison Report

Bernard Aboba
November 2005

IEEE 802 Liaison Reports

Paul Congdon’s IEEE 802.1 liaison report is available here:

Dorothy Stanley’s IEEE 802.11 liaison report is available here:


Liaison Requests

A liaison letter was received from Stuart Kerry of IEEE 802.11, relating to review of IEEE 802.11u requirements:



From Dan Romascanu (IEEE 802.3 liaison):

I received an email from Mike McCormack who is Chair of the IEEE 802.3 task force on extended Power over Ethernet, inquiring about the plans of the IETF Ethernet Interfaces and Hub MIB WG with respect to a Extended PoE MIB. I answered that the IETF WG will not undertake any new work, and if there is a MIB module that is needed, it should be developed in the IEEE, possibly with some support from the IETF as done for the Bridge MIB documents.


IEEE 802 Review of IETF Documents

Glenn Parsons <> has completed a review of draft-ietf-pwe3-ethernet-encap-10.txt. This was an individual review, and does not represent an official response of IEEE 802.1 or IEEE 802.3.

The IEEE 802 ExComm has reviewed the IEEE 802/IETF relationship document and Paul Congdon has collected and forwarded the comments. A version of the IETF/IEEE 802 relationship document that includes responses to the comments is available here:

Paul has now requested that the IEEE 802 ExComm review the changes and indicate if any additional edits are necessary.

The EAP Key Management Framework document has gone into EAP WG last call:

This version incorporates material from an IEEE 802.11r submission on key management requirements.

IETF Review of IEEE 802 Documents

The IEEE 802.16f MIB is currently being reviewed by Bert Wijnen.

New Work


IEEE 802.11 liaison requests, as described in RFC 4017, were discussed at the BOF. It was noted that there was potential for additional requests relating to IEEE 802.1af or IEEE 802.11s. If there are additional needs beyond what is currently being proposed in EMU, it would be helpful for IEEE 802 to communicate this to the IETF.

IP over 802.16 BOF

From the IEEE 802.16 liaison to IETF (Jeff Mandin):

Wimax Forum has formally mandated support for 802.16 “IP Convergence Sublayer”. Wimax compliant systems are not mandated to support “ethernet Convergence Sublayer” but may choose to do so..

Deliberations over whether or not to mandate eth CS focused mainly on facilitation of multiple downlink hosts (ie. “mobile gateway” scenario).

How to support IP with IP CS has not yet been addressed. Many vendors envision 3GPP-style non-subnet-oriented forwarding at the operator-side, however the only text on the topic includes an “IP router” layer. Not much discussion of what happens at the host side, nor awareness that 3GPP2 relies on PPP which is not available with .16 currently.


The GELS BOF was held at IETF 64. There was no consensus whether or not to form a WG.

MIB Transfer

David Harrington has put together an initial draft of the MIB transfer document:

IEEE 802, IAB and IESG comments are being solicited.

From Dan Romascanu:

An ad-hoc discussion was held relating to 802.1 MIBs during the IEEE 802 Plenary. IEEE 802.1 appears to require changes in the MIB module defined in
and possibly MIB modules defined in other Bridge MIB documents due to changes in the VLAN architecture required by IEEE 802.1ad (Provider Bridges). IEEE 802.1 would like to start work on draft documents that represent derivatives of the IETF documents, and so they want to understand how to obtain the rights to do this.

From Bert Wijnen:

The first step is for IEEE 802.1 to contact the authors/editors of the documents to get permission from them to do derivative works. IEEE 802 needs to handle this themselves.

From the IEEE 802.1 liaison to IETF (Paul Congdon):

Here is the letter I plan to send to the latest authors of RFC 4188. I will also send a similar letter to the authors of the bridge MIB extensions 2 as well. Dan R has reviewed this and is OK with the text. Given all the IETF/IEEE liaison formality discussions lately, I’m wondering if this is all that is needed or do we need something more formal? I’m hoping we can keep this simple… Say the words and I’ll send the letters, copying all of you.

Editors of RFC 4188

Congratulations on the recent standardization of your document. As you know, the IEEE 802.1 working group has an open project to incorporate bridge MIB modules into a future version of Std 802.1Q. To do this, we will need to update your MIB module to support the latest capabilities defined by 802.1ad. We are working on a copyright transfer from the IETF to the IEEE, but also need your permission as authors of this MIB to use your base text as a starting point for the updates we plan to make. In addition, we welcome your participation in this update if you so desire.”

Next steps:

  1. Additional discussion with Jorge Contreras?
  2. IEEE 802/IETF conference call.