Internet Architecture Board


December 2005

IETF/IEEE 802 Liaison Report

Bernard Aboba
December 2005

Liaison Requests

There is an outstanding liaison request from IEEE 802.11, requesting a review of the IEEE 802.11u requirements document:



Dorothy Stanley, IEEE 802.11 liaison to IETF, has transmitted this liaison request to the chairs of the CAPWAP, EAP, MOBOPTS, DNA, MIPSHOP, and AAA WGs, as well as CC:’ing To my knowledge, no response from those WGs has been received (though personal responses have been sent).

Dorothy will follow up with the WG chairs after the new year.


IEEE 802 Review of IETF Documents

The IEEE 802 ExComm has sent comments relating to the IEEE 802/IETF relationship document, which were incorporated in the final version approved by the IAB & IESG:

IETF Review of IEEE 802 Documents

IEEE 802.16 has requested review of WMAN-IF-MIB-08-02-05 (received Nov 18 2005) Bert Wijnen sent his comments to IEEE 802.16 on November 22, including the following ending paragraph:

This is what I could do during one of my trainrides. I suspect that this MIB module (some 11000 lines) needs more review. But I thought I’d send you what I have now, so you can start working on solving the issues I am reporting.”

From Bert:

I have not seen a revision/reaction. That is OK, as long as we understand that the job of review is possibly not yet finished.

MIB Transfer

A teleconference was held with Jose Contreras relating to the transfer of MIBs from IETF to IEEE 802. A summary of the conference call was provided to Paul Congdon, IEEE 802.1 Vice Chair. Next step is for David Harrington to revise the MIB Transfer document to take Jorge’s advice into account, and for Paul Congdon and Dan Romascanu to work with IEEE counsel on determine what rights IEEE 802 requires.

Note that RFC 3978 Section 3.3 (a)(E) specifically discusses issues relating to use of MIBs:

   a. To the extent that a Contribution or any portion thereof is
      protected by copyright and other rights of authorship, the
      Contributor, and each named co-Contributor, and the organization
      he or she represents or is sponsored by (if any) grant a
      perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free, world-wide
      right and license to the ISOC and the IETF under all intellectual
      property rights in the Contribution:

 . . .

      (E) to extract, copy, publish, display, distribute, modify and
          incorporate into other works, for any purpose (and not limited
          to use within the IETF Standards Process) any executable code
          or code fragments that are included in any IETF Document (such
          as MIB and PIB modules), subject to the requirements of
          Section 5 (it also being understood that the licenses granted
          under this paragraph (E) shall not be deemed to grant any
          right under any patent, patent application or other similar
          intellectual property right disclosed by the Contributor under