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MFA Forum Liaison Report

MFA Forum Liaison Report

Matthew Bocci
February 2006

The MFA Forum met 29th Jan – 4th Feb in San Jose, California

Currently Active Technical Committee work items

Applications and Deployment Working Group

  • MPLS UNI with RSVP-TE signalling: Currently a baseline text.
  • MPLS Proxy Admission Control: Baseline text, currently being updated to use RSVP-TE based UNI
  • Control Plane Interworking:
    • ATM and Frame Relay to MPLS Control Plane Interworking : Client/Server
    • The use of Virtual Trunks for ATM/MPLS Control Plane Interworking

    These are both at final ballot. The MFA is looking for 2 code points for FEC 129 AII types for client/server interworking. The IETF PWE3 WG should expect a liaison on this.

  • L2 Mediation (no contribution to this meeting)
  • MPLS ICI: Currently a baseline text.

Interworking and Frame relay Working group

  • Performance Monitoring across multi-service networks. Currently a baseline text.
  • ATM-FR Service interworking over MPLS: Sent for straw ballot
  • Ethernet Interworking over MPLS: In final ballot
  • Fault Management for Multiservice Interworking: In final ballot.

ATM Architecture Working group

  • Virtual Trunks across ATM Core Networks: sent for straw ballot.

ATM Control Signalling Working group

  • High Probability of Call Completion: Sent for straw ballot.

Documents sent for Straw Ballot at this meeting

  • Multiservice Interworking: Frame Relay and ATM Service Interworking Over MPLS
  • Virtual Trunks Across ATM Core Networks
  • High Probability of Completion – HPOC Version 1.0

Documents sent for Final Ballot at this meeting


Next meeting

April 3-6, 2006, Berlin, Germany

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