Internet Architecture Board


November 2006

ITU NGN Liaison Report

Scott Brim
2 November 2006

  • At this meeting NGN-GSI began working on “NGN Release 2”. Things that were big: “IPTV”, DRM, ID-based services and the security aspects of identify management, application interfaces to network resources, and e2e QoS.
  • There is a lot of activity using IETF protocols, most of which I say little about even if I think they are being used poorly, unless it would obviously impact the global Internet. However, the downside of deciding not to debate with everyone about how to use IETF protocols in specific cases is that sometimes they come back to us and tell us our protocols are poorly designed because they don’t fit their idea of how to use them, and that debate is harder.
  • Regarding our TSV liaison to them on flow-state-aware forwarding and how to handle modifications to IETF protocols, it was well-received by everyone except the original contributor, who felt like some kind of position and response might be necessary. Whether they respond or not will not be decided until the next meeting (January 8th, Beijing).
  • Study Group 13 Question 3 (aka Q3/13) is going to investigate issues of splitting identifiers and locators in IPv6. I spoke to Dave Meyer about it and we figured it couldn’t hurt. They will send a liaison notifying the IETF that they are doing so.
  • Q3/13 are also sending a liaison to IEPREP, TSV and NSIS asking for input on technical issues in telecommunications for disaster relief.
  • Q9/13 is still reasonably on track after the liaisons we exchanged with them regarding IPv6.
  • Q.NNI (“NGN NNI Signalling Profile”) was going to include references to drafts that are not clearly going to become RFCs (e.g. early media P-header), but the draft references were all taken out before it was consented.
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