Internet Architecture Board


January 2005

The Open Mobile Alliance’s Presence and Availability Group (PAG) issued a

liaison statement
to the IETF Centralized Conferencing (XCON) working group.

Background: OMA’s PAG is heavily involved in specification work supporting OMA’s Push-to-talk Over Cellular, or POC group. POC is essentially a conferencing application. XCON held an interim meeting last week, and I don’t know to what extent they were able to address the OMA-PAG LS. I have concerns that OMA may have become dependent on projected work in XCON that may no longer align with the XCON work plan, specifically in the area of using XCAP (draft-ietf-simple-xcap-05.txt
) as a “conference policy control protocol” or CPCP.

Further information on OMA dependencies on ongoing IETF work is maintained at:


Dean Willis