Internet Architecture Board


October 2005

During the last two months, we’ve had a substantial amount of traffic between OMA and IETF, including a chairs-and-liaisons meeting to update the OMA-IETF dependency list, which is maintained at:

OMA has a number of critical dependencies being progressed in SIMPLE and SIP, notably Presence and XCAP-related documents and some SIP extensions needed for the OMA Push-to-Talk over Cellular specification.

I was also asked by Russ Housley to look into a report of an OMA dependency on a possible untracked dependency of the OMA SEC group on draft-mraihi-oath-hmac-otp-04.txt and consequently queried both the OMA liaison to IETF (Ileana Leuca) and the OMA SEC working group chairs. We have been unable to positively conclude on the importance of this draft to OMA, but it looks like it was a “nice to have” supplemental reference on one of their specs and not at all critical.

I have received two liaison statements — one from IETF LEMONADE WG to OMA MWG (Messaging Working Group), and one in the inverse direction. I’ve been unable to post these with the draft tool (which apparently only allows me to handle correspondence for SIP and SIPPING, go figure), and the agent for has apparently been unresponsive in posting them. They have been handled by the working grups involved, but are not recorded in the official IETF liaison statement log.

OMA’s annual general meeting will be held later this month in Sydney, Australia, along with meetings of most OMA working groups.

Dean Willis
IETF Liaison to OMA