2018-10-10 Agenda

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IAB Agenda: 2018-10-10, 2000 UTC

Agenda as of 2018-10-10. IAB agendas are subject to change, up to and during the meeting.

IAB Business Meeting: 2018-10-10

1. Administrivia (Cindy) - 10 mins (All public)

1.1. Attendance

1.2. Agenda bash & announcements

1.3. Meeting Minutes 

 Goal: Approve outstanding minutes. 

 - 2018-10-03 Minutes (business meeting) - (draft submitted 2018-10-03)

1.4. Action Item Review 

 Goal: Update status of outstanding actions.

 2018-10-03: Cindy to send email to ITU-T liaison managers and 
 shepherds to see if they can join one of the meetings in Bangkok. (If 
 not, will try to schedule on a teleconference.)	
 2018-10-03: Brian to update the wire-image draft based on community 
 review comments. 		
 2018-10-03: Cindy to draft timeline for ICANN TLG appointment. 		
 2018-10-03: Cindy to draft timeline for ISOC BOT appointment. 		
 2018-09-26: Erik, Gabriel, Ted, and Suzanne to review draft-faltstrom-
 unicode11-02 and comment on the art-discuss list. 

 2018-09-12: All to suggest topics for joint IETF/IEEE 802 meeting in 
 Bangkok (cc Russ Housley). 		

 2018-06-06: Ted to follow up on EName workshop report. 		

 2018-04-26: Karen/Olaf to let ISOC know the IAB is putting together 
 the "shining" program and ask for help with customer education. 	
 Dependent on completion of program description 	

 2018-04-26: Christian and Brian to work on consolidation index. 		
 2018-04-26: Jari, Jeff, Brian to work on consolidation draft. 

2. Monthly Reports (Liaisons) - 5 mins (Public)

Goal: Address any questions from the liaisons' monthly reports.

2.1. ISOC Liaison Report 

2.2. IRTF Chair Report

2.3. ICANN Liaison Report 

2.4. IANA Liaison Report

2.5. RFC Editor Liaison Report 

3. IAB Agenda at IETF 103 (Cindy) - 15 mins (Public)

 Goal: Discuss IAB agenda at IETF 103:

 - Identify any tech topics that aren't plenary topics
 - Identify Programs that will meet
 - Identify preliminary BOF coverage

 Open action items:

 2018-10-03: Program leads to schedule Program meetings. 

4. ESCAPE Workshop (Mark) - 10 mins (Public)

 Goal: Finalize call for papers and IAB members on Program Committee.

 Open action items:

 2018-10-03: Mark to ask Martin if he can serve on ESCAPE Workshop PC. 		
 2018-10-03: Deborah to let IESG know about ESCAPE workshop. 		

 2018-10-03: Mark to finalize ESCAPE Workshop call for papers. 

5. Shine Workshop (Brian, Christian) - 10 mins (Public)

 Goal: Finalize call for papers

 Open action items:

 2018-10-03: Christian & Brian to update Shine Workshop proposal. 		
 2018-10-03: All to look at potential conflicts for Shine Workshop. 

6. draft-iab-path-signals-01 (Ted) - 10 mins (Public)

 Goal: Decide if document is ready for community review

 Open action items:

 2018-10-03: Erik and Mark to write up their concerns about sending 
 path-signals draft for community review. 	

7. Plenary Planning Program Update - 10 mins (Public)

 Goal: Identify topics for future Tech Plenaries

 Open action items:

 2018-10-03: Melinda to send email to PPP about new membership. 

8. Assistance and Access) Bill 2018

9. Upcoming Appointments and Personnel Issues (Executive Session)

 - ICANN Technical Liaison Group
 - ISOC Board of Trustees

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  • 2018-11-21: IAB Business Meeting
  • 2018-12-05: IAB Business Meeting

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