2018-12-05 Agenda

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IAB Agenda: 2018-12-05, 2000 UTC

Agenda as of 2018-12-05. IAB agendas are subject to change, up to and during the meeting.

IAB Business Meeting: 2018-12-05

1. Administrivia (Cindy) - 10 mins (All public)

1.1. Attendance

1.2. Agenda bash & announcements

1.3. Meeting Minutes 

Goal: Approve outstanding minutes. 

- 2018-10-10 business meeting - (draft submitted 2018-10-10) 
- 2018-11-21 business meeting - (draft submitted 2018-11-21)
- 2018-11-28 business meeting - (draft submitted 2018-11-28)

1.4. Action Item Review 

Goal: Update status of outstanding actions.	

  2018-11-28: Cindy to send e-vote on changing how IAB meeting minutes 
  are approved, i.e. minutes will be considered approved two weeks after 
  they are posted for review as long as there is one "yes" and no 

  2018-11-28: Karen to see if ISOC has interest in a workshop (or other 
  activities) on the bigger-picture part of the Shine discussion, 
  e.g. economies of scale/AI/big data. 		 		

2. CIPE Workshop (Brian, Christian) - 10 mins (Public)

Goal: Finalize call for papers

Open action items:

  2018-11-28: Ted & Christian to re-scope CIPE Workshop CFP to focus on 
  how deployment presumptions built into protocol design turned out not 
  to be true in long-term deployment and how those issues have other 
  impacts on the privacy and security parts of the system. 

3. ESCAPE Workshop (Mark) - 10 mins (Public)

Goal: Status update

4. Plenary Planning Program Update - 10 mins 

Goal: Identify topics for future Tech Plenaries

5. Upcoming Appointments and Personnel Issues (Executive Session)

- Plenary Planning Program

- ICANN Technical Liaison Group

Open action items:

  2018-11-28: Cindy to schedule ICANN TLG interviews. 		

  2018-11-28: Alissa, Suzanne, Jari to conduct ICANN TLG interviews.

  2018-11-28: Suzanne to draft feedback for Harald send to ICANN Board 
  on TLG appointment. 

- ISOC Board of Trustees

- IRTF Chair

Open action items:

  2018-11-28: All to add IRTF Chair interview questions to the wiki.