2020 Retreat

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Retreat 1: Virtual, 1-5 June 2020

For the full retreat agenda, please see June 2020 Retreat Agenda

Retreat Topics

1. Architectural Guidance

  • Breakout Group 1: Tommy (Lead), Wes, Karen, Cullen, Ben, Alvaro, Jeff
  • Breakout Group 2: Stephen, Mirja, Mark (Lead), Zhenbin Li, Colin, Jari
  • Notes

2. RSOC Member Term Lengths/Rotation

3. IAB Program Structure

4. COVID-19 Impact on technical work

  • Breakout Group: Stephen (Lead), Tommy, Jari, Wes, Ben, Colin, Karen
  • Slides

5. Strategic/long-term issues

6. Technical factors related to deployment of increased security

  • Breakout group: Cullen, Stephen, Tommy, Jari, Wes, Ben (Lead), Karen, Jared, Jeff
  • Notes

7. COVID-19: Impact on the IETF working model

8. Impact/disruptions by other parties

  • Breakout group: Zhenbin (Lead), Jari, Ben, Jeff
  • Notes

9. Evaluate/review the success of the IETF

  • Breakout group: Cullen (Lead), Alissa, Tommy, Jiankang, Alvaro, Colin, Mark
  • Slides

Retreat 2: 28-30 September 2020

Dates: 28-29 Sept 2020: IAB retreat; 30 Sept 2020: Joint IAB/IESG retreat

Location: Boston/Cambridge MA, USA (tentative)

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