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The IAB Executive Director

The Executive Director is a non-voting ex-officio member of the IAB (RFC2850) who assumes, in close cooperation with the chair, the responsibility to assist the IAB in the organization of its day-to-day activities and workflow, and maintain the public face of the IAB.

A great deal of the work is of an administrative nature and needs to be performed in a timely fashion. In general these tasks include:

  • Management of the preparation of the agendas
  • Collecting and tracking action items. This includes regular round-ups of the status of the action items, IAB documents, and liaison reports.
  • Assisting in running the meeting: roll call, agenda tracking, minute taking.
  • Publishing minutes, actions and correspondence of the IAB on the IAB website.
  • Tracking and maintaining the status of IAB projects. For instance, this includes keeping track of timelines during nominations and confirmation (e.g. for ISOC BoT member selection or IETF IESG confirmation) , coordinating invitations for workshops, etc.
  • Maintenance of the IAB website, IAB related mailing lists, and the IAB jabber room.

Given these tasks an Executive Director should ideally

  • Have sufficient time available and be able to allocate that time to IAB tasks when needed. For example, it is preferable that the candidate not be chair of more than one IETF WG, or a member of the IESG or IAB. The Executive Director is expected to attend all IETF meetings and IAB Retreats (typically one per year). The IAB has approximately 5 hours of teleconferences per month spread over roughly 3 calls: these come with preparation and follow-up work that needs to proceed in timely fashion.
  • Writing skills. The Executive Director keeps and edits the minutes of the IAB meetings and prepares them for public dissemination.
  • Sysadmin skills. The Executive Director handles the administration of the IAB websites, including the maintenance of tools such as Wikis, Jabber servers, email lists, etc.
  • IETF experience. The candidate is an ex-officio member and may participate in discussion. It is desirable for the candidate to have at least some experience with the IETF.
  • Organizational skills. The Executive Director serves as a program manager for IAB work items. It is desirable for the candidate to be able to juggle many outstanding tasks simultaneously.