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intarchboard organization on GitHub

The IAB maintains a GitHub organization here:


Any IAB member can be added to the GitHub organization by providing their GItHub name to Cindy.

All members of the intarchboard GitHub organization have admin rights for all repos of that organization. That means any member can, e.g., create a new repo.

Managing access when leaving the IAB

IAB members leaving the IAB will also be removed as a member from the GitHub organization, however, they will keep all access rights to repos where they are explicitly listed as contributor. Usually the person who creates a repo will be listed as admin and therefore stays the admin after leaving the IAB. For other repos leaving IAB members should check their access rights before leaving the IAB and add them explicitly to those repos still relevant for them. If an ex-member later needs access to a certain repo, they can of course still ask the admin of that repo to provide them the respective access rights.

Creating new repos

IAB members are encouraged to create new repos whenever needed, e.g. as a starting point for new work. It is important to note that repos that are marked "public" can be seen by everybody. Therefore some care should be taken when creating a new repo that contains work that has not been discussed with the rest of the IAB yet, as this could appear to outside observers as a working topics of the IAB. In this case it is recommended to start with a private repo, briefly confirm with rest of the IAB the interested in the proposed topic by emails or on a business call, and then move to public quickly afterwards.

If a new public repo is recreated for proposed work, e.g. this could make sense for repos that host submitted drafts, it is recommend to clearly indicate that the repos is containing proposed work and has not yet been discussed with the rest of the IAB. This can be done by indicating this in the title of the repo, e.g. adding "Proposed work:", or by creating and using a label to indicate the same, or both.

Naming convention

To make it easier to find and understand the repos, it is recommended to follow some naming convention by prefixing the repo name with "program-", "draft-", or "workshop-" for the respective catagory. Note that the repo doesn't have to reflect the full draft name as that might change over time, e.g., when a document gets adopted by the IAB.