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IAB Meeting Transcripts, Minutes, Notes, and Records

Which meetings are minuted?

The IAB has a variety of face-to-face meetings and telechats as part of its normal business, including:

  • business telechats (generally the 1st and 3rd wed of the month)
  • techchats (generally the 4th wed of the month)
  • face-to-face meetings at IETFs (including the IAB technical plenary session)
  • face-to-face meetings at the IAB annual retreat
  • joint meetings with the IESG (at IETF and via telechat - e.g. BOF coordination calls)

The minute-taker will generally take notes at all IAB-specific meetings, and will assist the IESG scribes in taking notes at joint meetings. Transcript style notes are preferred. In addition, formal meeting minutes are will be drafted for a subset of the meetings (identified below); these formal minutes are subsequently approved by the IAB and posted to the IAB public web site.

Process for taking notes, and drafting / publishing meeting minutes

Transcript style notes

  • During each IAB meeting, transcript style notes are taken.
  • As soon as possible after the meeting the minute taker will clean up these notes for readability / clarity and post them to the IAB mailing list.

Draft meeting minutes

  • For each IAB business meeting a set of meeting minutes are drafted from the transcript.
  • The draft meeting minutes will be posted to the IAB wiki for review by meeting participants. At the time of wiki posting the exec dir should also send an email to the iab list indicating that the review period for those minutes.
  • IAB members should edit the draft minutes as necessary directly in the wiki to ensure correctness and completeness.
  • Once reviewed (usually about 1 week after posting) the minutes will be formally approved at the next IAB business meeting.
  • A similar process is used for drafting minutes for IAB techchats and combined IAB-IESG meetings as appropriate. Unlike IAB business meetings, however, these minutes will generally provide only a high level summary of the discussion and/or note that the meeting took place.

Meeting minute publication

  • Once the final minutes for a meeting have been approved by the IAB, the minutes are moved to the "approved" section of the minutes page (within the IAB wiki) and published to the public IAB website.

Time Allocation

  • draft transcript : (90 min, varies)
  • clean-up transcript / email transcript / post action items : (60 min)
  • draft meeting minutes / post to IAB wiki : (120 - 240 min)
  • publish final minutes to IAB website : (45 min per meeting)