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Agenda for the IETF 81 Technical Plenary

1630 - 1930, Monday, July 25, 2011

1630 - 1700

1. Welcome

2. IRTF Chair's Report - Lars Eggert

3. IAB Chair's Report - Bernard Aboba

4. RSOC Report - Fred Baker

1700 - 1745

Technical Session I: "Report from World IPv6 Day" Moderators: Fred Baker and Leslie Daigle

   On 8 June, major websites and major content delivery networks
   joined together for the first global-scale trial of IPv6.  
   In this session, panelists will explore the lessons
   from this important event.

1745 - 1915

Technical Session II: "The Web Privacy Tussle" Panel session moderated by Alissa Cooper

      Jens Grossklags (Pennsylvania State University)
      Fred Carter (Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, Ontario, Canada)
      Andy Zeigler (Microsoft)
   Designers of Internet protocols, services, and applications are increasingly being confronted
   with challenges associated with protecting the privacy of individual Internet users. Past
   efforts to build privacy features into Internet standards have met with mixed results, while
   attempts to fully comprehend and document the privacy consequences of Internet protocols more
   broadly remain in a nascent stage.
   The web platform in particular has become an arena where privacy issues are emerging with
   increasing frequency. This plenary will explore the web privacy "tussle" by providing a
   diversity of perspectives on the tensions and motivations behind some of the privacy struggles
   that are currently exhibiting themselves on the web. By examining past attempts at addressing
   privacy issues within Internet standards and technologies, the panel provides an opportunity
   for the IETF community to better understand the aspects of privacy that are relevant to protocol
   design and the appropriate scope of privacy work in the IETF.

1915 - 1930

  IAB Open Microphone Session

1930 Adjourn