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Software Defined Networking

From Jon's 2012 IAB Retreat slides:

"A number of activities both within and outside of the IETF involve the decoupling of the control plane of routers from the data plane, often separating the two with network interface. In recent years, a great deal of energy in this space has focused on Software Defined Networking (SDN), which we can broadly understand as networks in which APIs allow certain software applications to modify the forwarding policy of routers, switches, firewalls and related network elements. These proposals have immediate applicability to highly-determined environments like data centers, where applications can easily understand topology. Some academics further envision a world where applications will run on top of a "network operating system," provisioning policy in groups of routers to enable flow-based controls. Ultimately, these industry efforts may lead to deployments where traditional IETF protocols that inform the control plane (like routing or management protocols) cooperate or in some cases compete with non-standard API interfaces. This plenary proposes to explore current events in the SDN space, including he status of implementation and deployment, and the implications this work has on standards development at the IETF."

Potential ideas

From Marc:

June 6th will be an important milestone for IP: worldipv6launch.  Now we will have IPv6 major destinations. 
While we had IPv6 plenaries before, we were in the "should-not-harm-try-it" mode. I was thinking that it might 
be a good time during IETF July plenary to talk about "Lessons learned" and "Move forward".   some topics coming to mind:

- home networks with renumbering, prefix delegation, keeping the sessions up, use of ULA, impact on operations and applications.
- happy-eyeballs and side-effects of decreasing the use of ipv6.
- content providers lessons learned (ex: mtu, mss decrease, load balancing, …)
- access providers lessons learned
- transit/tier1 providers lessons learned
- applications/websites with ipv4-literals: how can we have this fixed?
- running ipv6-only: are we there yet?