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IETF 89: Mobile Payments

* Minutes from January 22 IAB meeting:
  The IAB discussed the Technical Plenary at IETF 89, and agreed to 
  divide the 2-hour session as follows:
  - Reporting (IAB Chair, IRTF Chair, RSE and RSOC Chair) - 30 minutes
  - Technical Topic Speaker #1 - 30 minutes
  - Technical Topic Speaker #2 - 30 minutes
  - Technical Topic Q&A - 15 minutes
  - IAB Open Mic Session - 15 minutes
  The IAB agreed that Eliot Lear will invite Rainer Bohme to speak about
  why Bitcoin became successful in spite of the factors stacked against it,
  and that Dave Thaler will then invite Malcolm Pearson to speak 
  about how the mobile banking industry is operating without standards.

* Status of possible speakers:
 * Malcolm Pearson (Partner Director of Development, Commerce Engineering, Microsoft China)
   "The point I’m tempted to try to make is a call for standardization
   of protocols – both content and transport here.  For each payment gateway
   that a merchant needs to interact with, there is generally a different protocol
   suite.  The protocol suite includes both Online (Auth-Settle, typically) and
   Offline RECON (log of transactions settled and fees taken out).  And there is
   also bank-level RECON.  So, conceptually, the objectives of these protocols
   are pretty uniform, but **each one is proprietary**.  … and … we should probably
   also mention that there is a bunch of other non-standard stuff: tax reporting,
   receipt generation etc.
   So, I think there is some simple value in converging these protocols.
   This topic feels a little mundane compared to bitcoin, *but* it is potentially
   enabling for even bitcoin.
   Now..what about format?
   I’ve certainly had these kind of discussions with a small group in a chalk-talk
   format…but I think you’re asking for a one-way presentation.
   Maybe the thing there is to try to define a few categories of protocols and
   highlight how the protocols fit with those patterns.
   Thinking about this more…I do want to go after the very basic money movement
   protocols…not nearly as cool as talking about bitcoin, but basics that need
   to be done…and a place where IETF can really help."
   [shepherd: Dave]
 * Steve Kirsch (OneID) <>:
   "If you like, I can do a talk on “passwords, identity, bitcoin, and the future of payments“
   Which has enough in it to interest a huge audience… a little something for everyone"
   [shepherd: Hannes]
 * Yobie Benjamin <>:!search/profile/person?personId=2224870&targetid=profile
   "I will put together something to iterate w you."
   [shepherd: Hannes]
 * Alissa wrote: I was chatting with my friend Jens Grossklags (who spoke at a
   previous IETF plenary) about the mobile payments topic for the upcoming plenary
   and he suggested Erol Kazan <>
   and/or his advisor Jan Damsgaard <>
   if we're in need of another speaker. They have worked on mobile payments adoption,
   more from a business school-type of approach than a technical approach, but I
   thought I would pass along their info in any case. They are located in Copenhagen
   so they're quite close to London. Jens would be happy to do an introduction, just
   let me know and I'll put you all in touch.
* No longer possibilities:
 * Rainer Bohme (bitcoin speaker from ITAT workshop) cannot make it
   because of a conflicting bitcoin meeting that would likely also
   affect any other bitcoin experts. [shepherd: Eliot]
* Previous notes:
 * Report on the ITAT workshop (Eliot/others)
 * Mobile Payments (Dave)
   Eliot Lear suggested 15-30 minutes covering the IAB Workshop on
   Internet Technology Adoption and Transition (ITAT), talking about
   some of the incentive models and success stories to date.

   Following up on the discussion of Bitcoin during the ITAT workshop,
   Dave Thaler suggested a topic in the area of mobile payments, which
   might go well together with the ITAT report.  The IAB agreed this
   could be an interesting topic if the right speakers could be confirmed.
   Comments during 12/11 call:
   Hannes: I could ask some people if they are interested.
   Alissa: Might also be good to think about how this has gone down in
   other parts of the world.  Japan and Korea have had infrastructure
   for this for a long time.
   Example topics:
   * Bitcoin discussion from ITAT - why it succeeded (to the extent to
     which it has succeeded today) in spite of all the factors stacked
     against it:
     - Rainer Bohme.
   * Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX):
   * Mobile wallets and NFC: and!p9Seo
     There's a bunch of possible speakers on the last topic above at
     (but Dave doesn't know any of them)
   * Paypal?

   * Micropayments (Hannes mentioned )
   * W3C Web Payments Group:
   IETF 89 is March 2-7 in London. A few days later, March 11-12 in London,
   is the Retail Business Technology Expo (
   which is on the Mobile Payments World calendar at so might have relevant
   speakers already traveling to London around that time.