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IETF 90: Topology & Geography

Since network gear, links, and the nodes they connect must be in some 
specific physical place, there is always a relationship between 
geography and network topology.  The flow of data through that topology 
has generally, however, been relatively independent of the geography.  
Recently, some public policy proposals have tried to tie the flow of 
data on the network to national or regional boundaries.  This panel will 
discuss the relationship between geography and network topology from 
three points of view.  The IXmaps project at the University of Toronto 
attempts to analyse traffic to understand where it is going with, so 
far, a particularly Canadian focus.  ISOC's Internet Exchange efforts 
are focussed on improving local internconnections within underserved 
regions.  And CAIDA has been undertaking analysis of Internet traffic, 
including its relationship to geography, for many years.  Each panellist 
will make a brief presentation, and then we will discuss the 
implications of their findings.