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From: Mary Barnes <>
Date: January 6, 2015 10:05:52 AM PST
To: IAB IAB <>
Subject: [IAB] Proposal for tech plenary Smart object topic

Hi all,

Dave and I have talked and we are proposing something like the following 
for a Smart Object plenary:

- Overview and Architectural Considerations (Dave Thaler)
- Security and Privacy Impacts (Hannes Tschofenig)
- Q&A

We also chatted with Hannes and he (the bionic man) already has a 
presentation that he'll be giving in Munich soon.  He will forward that 
to us. Dave did note that the IAB has not yet decided if or whether we 
would do this topic and whether it would be in March or July.

As far as an update on Shafi, Kathleen has a contact that knows her who 
has forwarded our request, but we've still not gotten a response.