Sending Announcements

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What we send where:

Announcement Sent By ietf-announce ietf@ietf architecture-discuss important-news social media
IAB Report IAB Chair To CC To
Calls for nominations, feedback, and announcement of appointments* IAB EAM To case-by-case
Workshop calls for papers IAB EAM To case-by-case
Request for feedback on administrative matters IAB Chair To case-by-case case-by-case To
Announcements of new Programs and Program closures IAB EAM To CC
Adoption of IAB Drafts IAB EAM To
Calls for comments on IAB drafts IAB EAM To CC
Program (interim) Meetings IAB EAM/Datatracker To
Other administrative announcements, e.g. new mailing lists or policy IAB Chair To case-by-case
IAB Open agenda and minutes Chairs To
Proposals for new programs or feedback requests about technical programs IAB member To
IAB Statements IAB EAM To To?

* Appointments of new liaison managers should also be sent to