2019-02-06 Agenda

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IAB Agenda: 2019-02-06, 2000 UTC

Agenda as of 2019-02-04. IAB agendas are subject to change, up to and during the meeting.

IAB Business Meeting: 2019-02-06

1. Administrivia (Cindy) - 10 mins (All public)

1.1. Attendance

1.2. Agenda bash & announcements

1.3. Meeting Minutes 

- 2019-01-16 business meeting - (draft submitted 2019-01-16) 
- 2019-01-23 business meeting - (draft submitted 2019-01-23) 

1.4. Action Item Review 

Goal: Update status of outstanding actions.	

  2019-01-23: Alissa to forward list of potential retreat date conflicts 
  from the IESG. 		

  2018-10-10: Erik, Gabriel, Ted, and Suzanne to track discussion of 

  2019-01-16: Brian to draft text for email to ICCRG and TSV ADs on 
  "Transport innovation and congestion control." 		

2. draft-ietf-iasa2-rfc4844-bis, The RFC Series and RFC Editor (Ted) - 5 mins

Goal: Approve for community review

3. draft-ietf-iasa2-rfc7500-bis, Principles for Operation of Internet 
   Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Registries (Ted) - 5 mins

Goal: Approve for community review

4. "Trust in Internet Entities" Statement (Ted) - 15 mins (Public)

Goal: Status update on document on trust in Internet protocols. 

Open action item:

  2018-12-19: Ted to draft background document on trust in Internet 

  2019-01-16: Christian and Martin to provide comments on "Trust in 
  Internet Entities" text. 

5. ESCAPE Workshop (Mark) - 5 mins

Goal: Status update

6. DEDR Workshop (Christian, Ted) - 10 mins 

Goal: Status update

Open action items:

  2018-11-28: Ted & Christian to re-scope CIPE Workshop CFP to focus on 
  how deployment presumptions built into protocol design turned out not 
  to be true in long-term deployment and how those issues have other 
  impacts on the privacy and security parts of the system. 

7. Plenary Planning Program Update - 5 mins (Public)

Goals: Update on IETF 104 plenary; identify topics for future plenaries

8. Upcoming Appointments and Personnel Issues - 10 mins (Executive Session)

- 104 Plenary Speakers
  * Status update

- ISOC Board of Trustees
  * Status update

- IRTF Chair
  * Status update

9. Appeal to make the procedure related to Independent Submission Stream more transparent - 15 mins (Executive Session)