2019 Retreat

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Dates and Location

Dates: TBD

Location: TBD


Proposed IAB Topics

Moar IAB Open-ness, what's been done and what's to come (Stephen)

General discussion bringing new members up to speed on past discussions and maybe agreeing overall goals/direction. (This'd be better lead by someone who knows what's been done and discussed already but I'd like to suggest the topic so am willing to try lead the discussion badly if needed:-)

Programs open-ness (Stephen)

Some relatively modest suggestions:

  • The program descriptions on iab.org are varyingly out of date so updating those'd be good
  • I'm not sure why it wouldn't be ok for all of them to publish minutes (RSOC does, others don't seem to)
  • Some programs (e.g. privsec, stackevo) could perhaps work as well or better with an open mailing list where interested non-members could participate in discussion
  • The plenary program might benefit from an open mailing list where potential topics are discussed and where feedback can be posted publicly (speaker selection chatter would obviously need to be on a different list).
  • I'm not sure about the IANA and liaison oversight programs but I'd like to ask the question whether there're any easy things that could be done that'd be useful and more open.

Arrivals and Departures

Name Arrival Departure Hotel

Attending Remotely

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