2020 Retreat COVID-19 Impact on the IETF working model

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List pulled from slides

  • covid-19 impacting effectiveness
  • covid-19 effect on internet scaling / use
  • decreasing funding from economic downturn
  • impact of virtual-only work
  • travel restrictions
  • increase in nationalism may lead to less interoperability desire

Wes's thoughts

  • Impacts on the lost of face-to-face meetings
    • hallway conversations
    • timezone management for wide discussions
    • loss of voices in discussions
  • Work effort slow down
    • look ma, no deadlines!
  • Attendance
  • Registration funding misalignment with expenditures needed?
  • The sudden importance of manycouches


  • Rolling teleconferences always disadvantage someone, due to time zones. How to encourage effective asynchronous work?
  • Impact on the funding an organisational model as meetings become less important.
 * Difficult to charge large fees for an online IETF meeting if virtual interims are free, but the meeting fees subsidise secretariat costs
 * Are there alternative funding models that don't devolve to charging a membership fee or relying on corporate largesse?