2021 Retreat

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Dates and Location

Dates: 26-30 April 2021, 1400-1600 UTC each day

Location: Online


Monday, April 26, 2021

Joint IAB and IESG Meeting 1400-1600 UTC

  • 1400-1430: Introductions
  • 1430-1530: D&I: Focus on Inclusion: Have everyone's opinions been considered? (Russ + Alvaro)
  • 1530-1600 How to reach our community? (Mirja)

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

IAB Only 1400-1600 UTC

  • 1400-1430 Experience from one year online-only work: What was good? what was bad? Do we need to improve our social interactions? (Mirja)
  • 1430-1500 Liaison coordinator role (Mirja)
  • 1500-1600 How to improve our outreach? Do the right people know about the work we are doing? Do the right people come to IETF and bring their work? Do we know good enough what "others" are doing? (Deborah)

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

IAB Only 1400-1600 UTC

  • 1400-1500 What new technical work should the IETF take on and can the IAB help & Potential workshop topics and status thereof (Jari)
  • 1500-1600 Adding trust and consent to path signals / communication in a privacy-focused architecture -- AKA how to prepare networks for a world of DoH/ECH/MASQUE (Tommy)

Thursday, April 29, 2021

IAB Only 1400-1600 UTC

  • 1400-1500 Addressing (some) centralization concerns via standards work -- case study based on DoH/ADD WGs (Tommy)
  • 1500-1600 Parking Lot

Friday, April 30, 2021

Joint IAB and IESG Meeting 1400-1600 UTC

  • 1400-1430 Living Documents or any steps into that direction (like updating normative references to avoid blocking in the RFC editor queue) (Cullen + Rob?)
  • 1430-1530 Getting large/unfocused/early new work to the BoF stage (NEED OWNER)
  • 1530-1600 Place-holder to talk about outreach (depending on IAB discussion on Tuesday) (Deborah)
  • Parking lot
    • readout from IESG:
      • IETF mission

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