2022-04 Liaison Manager Agenda

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  1. Introduce Deborah as a new liaison coordinator (and say goodbye to slowly-fading Wes)
  2. Thank everyone for their service
    • and appreciate the reports sent to the IAB
  3. reach out to all managers to check how things are going
  1. liaison tool access list emailed out -- please check it
  2. identify places where additional help is needed
  3. identify other individuals that can serve when current managers step down
  4. promote cross-liaison-manager communication, which is why we're holding group discussions this time
  5. feedback on the new iab-liaison-coordinator method of IAB connectivity
  6. IETF leadership is generally seeking new volunteers for leadership roles (chairs, etc)
  1. Session 1
    1. attendance

- Daniel Migault - Geoff Huston - Peter Koch - Russ Housley - Scott Mansfield - Stephan Wenger - Tim Wicinski - Tommy & Wes

    1. Topics
      1. cross area group population

- stephan doesn't have a good replacement

   - other mpeg members do come to the ietf, but their devotion is to mpeg not to the IETF
   - 3gpp2 doesn't exist any longer, and imtc which has dissolved into another organization

- some groups have really nothing to do, so replacement isn't critical - should some liaisonships be dropped?