2022-04 Liaison Manager Agenda

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  1. Introduce Deborah as a new liaison coordinator (and say goodbye to slowly-fading Wes)
  2. Thank everyone for their service
    • and appreciate the reports sent to the IAB
  3. reach out to all managers to check how things are going
  4. liaison tool access list emailed out -- please check it
  5. identify places where additional help is needed
  6. identify other individuals that can serve when current managers step down
  7. promote cross-liaison-manager communication, which is why we're holding group discussions this time
  8. feedback on the new iab-liaison-coordinator method of IAB connectivity
  9. IETF leadership is generally seeking new volunteers for leadership roles (chairs, etc)

Session 1


  • Daniel Migault
  • Geoff Huston
  • Peter Koch
  • Russ Housley
  • Scott Mansfield
  • Stephan Wenger
  • Tim Wicinski
  • Tommy, Wes and Deborah


cross area group population

  • stephan doesn't have a good replacement
    • other mpeg members do come to the ietf, but their devotion is to mpeg not to the IETF
    • 3gpp2 doesn't exist any longer, and imtc which has dissolved into another organization
  • some groups have really nothing to do, so replacement isn't critical
  • should some liaisonships be dropped?

cross-SDO specification reviews and reuse of IETF technologies

  • what do we do about organizations taking IETF stuff and misusing it
    • yang modules in particular are a real problem with many external mistakes, etc
    • can the liaison tool be used for external review requests for things like this
    • this is compounded by the fact that many external documents are closed and not available for review
    • Does ITU-T need an additional liaison manager in order to help review
    • explain to the other organization they may need help in developing specifications and what may happen if they develop in proprietary viewerships

How to get feedback from the IAB in sticky topics

  • how do we deal with roles where opinions and common representation of IETF viewpoints is required
  • IAB liaisons reach out to the IAB for help and guidance when possible
  • discussion specifically about the GWG
  • the liaison managers should be liaisons with the IETF as a whole, not just the IAB

iab-coordination feedback points

  • 6-12 month group meetings should work well
  • group mailing lists might need their own shared list -- icann-liaisons@ietf eg