2022 Retreat

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Retreat: San Francisco and Online, 18-20 May 2022

For the full retreat agenda, please see Retreat agenda

Retreat Topics

  • IESG + IAB + LLC Joint Session: Review of Meetecho and remote participation practices (Jay Daley, Alessandro Amirante)
  • IESG + IAB + LLC Joint Session: Use of chat tools aka Slack vs. Zulip (Mirja Kühlewind, Lars Eggert)
  • IESG + IAB Joint Session: Why is it so hard to get new work to happen at the IETF and what can we do about it? (Cullen Jennings)
  • IESG + IAB Joint Session: Meta-dispatch aka HotRFC revamp (Lars Eggert)
  • IESG + IAB Joint Session: What is the purpose of a non-WG forming BoF? (David Schinazi)
  • IESG + IAB Joint Session: Leadership guidance to the community on term-limit thoughts Wes Hardaker)
  • IAB Session: What the IAB should be doing (All)
  • IAB Session: Metaverse proposal (Cullen Jennings)
  • IAB Session: Liaison manager pipeline review (Tommy Pauly, Deborah Brungard, Wes Hardaker)
  • IAB Session: Growing potential IAB chair candidates (Lars Eggert)
  • IAB Session: Workshop Proposals (Mirja Kühlewind, all)

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