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IAB Agenda: 2019-05-29, 1330 UTC

Agenda as of 2019-05-27. IAB agendas are subject to change, up to and during the meeting.

1. Administrivia (Cindy) - 5 mins (Public)

1. Administrivia (Cindy) - 10 mins (Public)

1.1. Attendance

1.2. Agenda bash & announcements

1.3. Meeting Minutes 

- 2019-05-01 business meeting - (draft submitted 2019-05-01)
       OK from: Wes
- 2019-05-08 business meeting - (draft submitted 2019-05-08)
       OK from: Wes

1.4. Action Item Review 

 Goal: Update status of outstanding actions.

 2019-05-17: Stephen, Jari, Brian, Ted to identify IAB actions related 
 to changing the Internet threat model. 		

 2019-05-17: Jari to update text on

 2019-05-17: Brian to follow up with the Stackevo Program members on 
 the evolution of the program). 		

 2019-05-17: Alissa to share the draft version of the LLC Board COI 

 2019-05-17: Stephen to draft COI policy for the IAB. 		

 2019-05-17: All to see if they should update their bios to reflect 
 conflicts of interest. 		

 2019-05-17: Ted to write up text informing the community that the IAB 
 will announce documents will be on an agenda for adoption on the IAB 
 stream on the architecture-discuss list, and include that in the next 
 report to the community. 		

 2019-05-17: Mirja to give IESG a heads-up about proposed plenary 

 2019-05-17: Christian to work with Heather on wordsmithing draft-
 flanagan-fiftyyears about the content being based on the memories of 
 those who were interviewed. 		

 2019-05-17: Mark to drive action to prune down the IAB communications 
 channels by IETF 105. 		

 2019-05-17: Cindy to look at mailing lists on and propose how 
 to handle those lists. 		

 2019-05-17: 	Mirja to take conversation about how to accomplish the 
 goals outlined in draft-iab-procotol-maintenance back to the IESG. 		
 2019-05-17: Christian to figure out how to measure the effectiveness 
 and impact of the work of the IETF. 		

 2019-05-17: IAB to write blog post inviting the community to come to 
 the IAB with new work proposal. 		

 2019-05-17: Stephen to investigate possibility for having an IAB 
 retreat in Dagstuhl. 		

2. Sergeant-at-arms for IAB lists - 5 mins

 Goal: Select sergeant-at-arms for IAB lists

3. Design Expectations vs. Deployment Reality in Protocol Development 
(DEDR) Workshop (Christian, Ted) - 5 mins

 Goal: Status update

4. Exploring Synergy between Content Aggregation and the Publisher Ecosystem (ESCAPE) Workshop (Mark) - 5 mins

 Goal: Status update

5. draft-thomson-use-it-or-lose-it (Martin) - 5 mins

 Goal: Is this ready to adopt on the IAB stream?

 Open action items:

 2019-05-17: All to review draft-thomson use-it-or-lose-it doc before 
 2019-05-29 IAB meeting (doc will be on the agenda for adoption). 

6. draft-nottingham-for-the-users (Mark) - 5 mins

 Goal: Is this ready to adopt on the IAB stream?

 Open action items:

 2019-05-17: Cindy to add draft-nottingham-for-the-users to the next 
 agenda for adoption. 	

 2019-02-13: Christian, Stephen, and Brian to help Mark with examples 
 in draft-nottingham-for-the-users. 

7. Trust in internet entities statements (Melinda, Mark) - 10 mins 

 Goal: Status update

 Open action items:

 2019-02-06: Melinda to take pen on protocol designer version of "Trust 
 in Internet Entities" Statement. 		

 2019-02-06: Mark to take pen on legislator version of "Trust in 
 Internet Entities" Statement. 

8. Plenary Planning Program Update (Melinda) - 5 mins 

 Goal: Status Update for IETF 105

 Open action items:

 2019-05-17: Plenary Planning Program to put together survey questions 
 re plenary. 

9. Other Business

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