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IAB Agenda: 2021-02-03 2130 UTC

Agenda as of 2021-02-01. IAB agendas are subject to change, up to and during the meeting.

1. Administrivia (Cindy) - 5 mins (Public)

1.1. Attendance

1.2. Agenda bash & announcements

1.3. Meeting Minutes

 • 2021-01-20 business meeting - (draft submitted 2021-01-20) 
 • 2021-01-27 business meeting - (draft submitted 2021-01-27) 

1.4. Action item review (Cindy) - 5 mins (Public)


  In Progress:

    • 2021-01-06: Jared Mauch to organize a side meeting on DDoS/attack 
      protection. Due April 2021.

    • 2021-01-13: Wes Hardaker with help from other IAB members to add 
      characteristics of readable RFCs to (Deadline: 

    • 2021-01-27: Mirja Kühlewind to follow up with the LAMPS WG about a 
      wording change in the liaison statement to ISO/TC 154 before sending 
      the liaison from the IAB.

    • 2021-01-27: Mark Nottingham to draft a message to the community 
      outlining the next steps for the Liaison Oversight Program and the 
      IAB’s management of the IETF's liaison function.

    • 2021-01-27: Mark Nottingham to chair the IAB Chair Selection 

2. RFC Editor Future Development Program Progress (All) - 20 mins (Public)

  Goals: Status Update

  Open action item:

    • 2020-10-14: IAB to review the Temporary RFC Series Project Manager 
      contract / RFC Editor future development process. January 2021.

3. Temporary RFC Series Project Manager Contract - 10 mins (Public)

  Goal: Discuss timeline 

4. Executive Session: ISOC Board of Trustees Appointments

  Open action item:

    • 2021-01-06: Stephen Farrell, Ben Campbell, Cullen Jennings, Mirja 
      Kühlewind, and Jared Mauch to interview the ISOC BOT candidates.

Upcoming Teleconferences

  • 2021-02-03:
  • 2021-02-10: Tech Chat on Safe Browsing with Alex Wozniak
  • 2021-02-17:
  • 2021-02-24: (reserved)
  • 2021-03-03:

Past Teleconferences