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IAB Agenda: 2020-08-26, 1330 UTC

Agenda as of 2020-08-24. IAB agendas are subject to change, up to and during the meeting.

1. Administrivia (Cindy) - 5 mins (Public)

1.1. Attendance

1.2. Agenda bash & announcements

1.3. Meeting Minutes 

  • 2020-08-12 business meeting - (draft submitted 2020-08-12)

2. Briefing on ISOC encryption project (ISOC) - 30 mins (Public)

3. Action item review (All) - 5 mins (Public)


    • 2020-08-12: Jared Mauch to follow up with the chosen RZERC 

    • 2020-08-12: Cindy Morgan to follow up with the RZERC candidates 
      who were not chosen, then send an announcement. (See

  In Progress:

    • 2020-06-03: Stephen Farrell and Colin Perkins to schedule a tech 
      chat on contact tracing apps and permissionless innovation. (Note: 
      Check back in on this at the 2020-08-26 meeting.) 

    • 2020-06-05: Tommy Pauly to find a speaker and schedule a tech chat 
      on safe browsing. (Note: Check back in on this at the 2020-9-23 

    • 2020-07-15: Jari Arkko to follow up with Mat Ford and Andrei 
      Robachevsky regarding the EU Multi Stakeholder Platform on ICT 

    • 2020-08-12: Jari Arkko (with Wes Hardaker) to start a re-write of 
      draft-arkko-arch-infrastructure-centralisation and post it on 

4. Evolvability, Deployability, & Maintainability Program (Tommy) - 5 minutes (Public)

  Goal: Status update

  Open action item:

    • 2020-08-12: Cindy Morgan and Tommy Pauly to get the EDM Program 
      pages set up on the IAB website and Datatracker, and announce the 
      Program to the architecture-discuss list.

5. IAB Programs (Mirja, Stephen, Colin) - 5 mins 

  Goal: Next step in refactoring IAB Programs

  Open action item: 

    • 2020-06-01: Stephen Farrell (with Colin Perkins and Mirja 
      Kühlewind) to revise the proposal about refactoring IAB Programs 
      based on the retreat discussion.

6. COVID-19 Network Impacts Workshop (Jari) - 5 mins

  Goal: Where else should the CFP be sent?

  Open action item:

    • 2020-08-12: Jari Arkko to write a blog post on the COVID-19 
      Network Impacts Workshop.

7. Appeal from Timothy McSweeney - <5 mins

  Goal: Finalize/record results of e-vote

  Open action item:

    • 2020-08-12: Mark Nottingham to draft a response to the appeal from 
      Timothy McSweeney and send it to the appeals list for review.

8. Next IAB Meeting <5 mins (Public)

  Goal: Does the IAB need to meet on 2020-09-02?

Upcoming Teleconferences

  • 2020-08-26
  • 2020-09-02 (reserved)
  • 2020-09-09
  • 2020-09-16 (reserved)
  • 2020-09-23
  • 2020-09-30 (reserved)
  • 2020-10-07
  • 2020-10-14 (reserved)
  • 2020-10-21
  • 2020-10-28 (reserved)
  • 2020-11-04

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