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Sunday, 2022-07-24

0900-0930: IAB Breakfast (Room: Philadelphia South)

0930-1130: IAB Business Meeting (Room: Philadelphia South)

  • CCG Appointment (minute decision)

1145-1215: IAB/IESG Lunch (Room: Philadelphia South)

1215-1345: IAB/IESG Meeting (Room: Philadelphia South)


Monday, 2022-07-25

Tuesday, 2022-07-26

0800-0830: IAB Breakfast (Room: Independence D)

0830-0950: IAB Business Meeting (Room: Independence D)

  • draft-nottingham-avoiding-internet-centralization (with Mark Nottingham)

Wednesday, 2022-07-27

1730-1930: IETF 114 Plenary (Room: Liberty C/D

Meetecho: TBD

Thursday, 2022-07-28

0900-0950: EDM Program Meeting (Room: Independence D)

Friday, 2022-07-29

1430-1500 EDT: IAB/IESG Lunch (Room: Philadelphia South)

1500-1630 EDT: IAB/IESG Meeting (Room: Philadelphia South)


Proposed (not yet scheduled) topics

  • Does the IAB need another retreat in fall?
  • Update from the IETF-IANA program
  • Next steps for the model-t program
  • Update on ISOC Governance
  • IAB statement on routing security