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This is a high level calendar of IAB events over the course of a typical year. Any dates provided are notional.


  • NOMCOM #2: IAB receive IESG slate from Nomcom
  • ICANN-TLG #3: Announce ICANN TLG selection


  • IAB-IESG: BOF call for March IETF Meeting (early Feb)
  • NOMCOM #3: Finalize confirmation of IESG slate
  • NOMCOM #4: Nomcom announces incoming IAB - begin inviting new members to meetings, mailing list, wiki.
  • ISOC BOT #3: Publish list of ISOC BOT candidates


  • IETF Meeting #1
    • New IAB members seated
    • IAB Chair selected / re-confirmed
    • IAB Exec Dir selected / re-confirmed
    • IAB Liaison to the IESG selected / re-confirmed
    • IAOC #4: IAB-selected IAOC member seated
  • ISOC BOT #4: New IAB finalizes candidate selection


  • ISOC BOT #5: IESG confirms IAB-selected ISOC BOT member


  • IAB Retreat (early May)


  • IAB-IESG: BOF call for July IETF Meeting (early June)
  • NOMCOM #1: IAB select a liaison for the upcoming Nomcom
  • ISOC BOT #6: New ISOC BOT member begins term


  • IETF Meeting #2
    • IAB-IESG: New IESG liaison to the IAB seated
  • ICANN-NOMCOM #1: Open ICANN nomcom representative nominations (late July)



  • ICANN-NOMCOM #2: Select ICANN nomcom representative and announce to the community


  • IAB-IESG: BOF call for Nov IETF Meeting (early Oct)
  • ICANN-TLG #1: Open ICANN TLG call for volunteers (late October/early November)
  • IAOC #1: Announce IAOC member selection process and issue public call for nominations
  • ICANN-TLG #2: Call for comments on ICANN TLG Volunteers


  • IAOC #2: Announce IAOC candidate list
  • ISOC BOT #1: Announce process and dates for ISOC BOT selection process
  • ISOC BOT #2: Open ISOC BOT nominations
  • IETF Meeting #3


  • IAOC #3: Select IAOC member and announce to the community