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| width="60" | Thu 1610-1810
| width="60" | Thu 1610-1810
| width="200" | intarea, hrpc, iccrg, opsawg, lsr, sfc, rats
| width="200" | intarea, hrpc, iccrg, opsawg, lsr, sfc, rats
| width="75" | Ted, Stephen
| width="75" | Ted, Stephen, Martin
| width="75" | Martin
| width="75" |  
| width="40" | cacao
| width="40" | cacao

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All Bof Coverage Pages

BOFs and Proposed RGs at IETF 104

Conflicts subject to change; as of 2019-05-05

Abbr Name Area Time Conflicts IAB Member(s) Covering IAB Shepherd
bcause BNG Control-plane And User-plane SEparation RTG Tue 1120-1220 doh, lwig, qirg, teas, lamps, mile, tsvwg
bimi Brand Indicators for Message Identification ART Thu 1610-1810 intarea, hrpc, iccrg, opsawg, lsr, sfc, rats Ted, Stephen, Martin
cacao Collaborative Automated Course of Action Operations for Cyber Security SEC Fri 0900-1030 core, stir, 6man, gaia, dnsop, lisp Alissa, Stephen, Martin Brian
ksk KSK Rollover OPS Thu 0900-1030 cbor, panrg, babel, lsvr, pce, mls, oauth Ted, Martin
paw Predictable and Available Wireless INT Thu 1350-1550 httpbis, nmrg, nwcrg, v6ops, pim, spring, saag
pearg Privacy Enhancements and Assessments Proposed Research Group IRTF Mon 0900-1100 dispatch, 6man, netconf, bier, ccamp, emu, ippm Alissa, Stephen
qirg Quantum Internet Proposed Research Group IRTF Mon 1610-1810 httpbis, smart, dnssd, idr, roll, oauth, tsvwg
rats Remote ATtestation ProcedureS SEC Thu 1610-1810 bimi, intarea, hrpc, iccrg, opsawg, lsr, sfc . Likely to be chartered as a WG before 104
smart Stopping Malware and Researching Threats IAB Mon 1610-1810 httpbis, dnssd, qirg, idr, roll, oauth, tsvwg Alissa, Stephen
wgtlgo Technology Deep Dive - Modern Router Architecture OPS Wed 1500-1700 Alissa

Potential Bar BOFs:

Future BOFs requesting a shepherd