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BOFs and Proposed RGs at IETF 106

Conflicts subject to change; as of 2019-10-28

Abbr Name Area Time Conflicts IAB Member(s) Covering IAB Shepherd
abcd Application Behavior Considering DNS ART Tue 1330-1500 gaia, babel, lsvr, teas, suit, rmcat Melinda, Stephen
mathmesh MatheMatical Mesh SEC Mon 1000-1200 dispatch, dhc, iccrg, icnrg, spring, ippm Melinda, Stephen (I guess;-)
raw Reliable and Available Wireless RTG Wed 1000-1200 core, regext, ntp, opsawg, teep, quic Melinda?
tmrid Trustworthy Multipurpose Remote ID INT Tue 1000-1200 hrpc, netmod, lisp, roll, sacm, teep, quic Stephen (If needed, would like to be at hrpc)
txauth Transactional Authorization and Delegation SEC Mon 1330-1530 calext/extra, stir, dnssd + homenet, dinrg, pearg, lsr, tsvwg
webtrans WebTransport ART Wed 1330-1500 6lo, cfrg, bmwg, rtgwg, oauth Ted
wpack Web Packaging ART Wed 1520-1650 anima, sidrops, bess, manet, lake, Ted (active in group)
coinrg Computing in the Network Proposed Research Group IRTF Fri 1000-1200 6tisch, dprive, pce, rtgwg, mls, rats, tcpm
qirg Quantum Internet Proposed Research Group IRTF Tue 1710-1840 jmap, anima, dnsop, bfd, teas, secdispatch, mptcp

Potential Bar BOFs:

Future BOFs requesting a shepherd