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All Bof Coverage Pages

BOFs and Proposed RGs at IETF 106

Conflicts subject to change; as of 2019-10-28

Abbr Name Area Time Conflicts IAB Member(s) Covering IAB Shepherd
abcd Application Behavior Considering DNS ART Tue 1330-1500 gaia, babel, lsvr, teas, suit, rmcat Melinda, Stephen, Martin, Brian, Jari, Christian, Wes
mathmesh MatheMatical Mesh SEC Mon 1000-1200 dispatch, dhc, iccrg, icnrg, spring, ippm Melinda, Stephen (I guess;-), Jari, Christian, Wes (co-chair)
raw Reliable and Available Wireless RTG Wed 1000-1200 core, regext, ntp, opsawg, teep, quic Melinda? Erik (co-chair), Wes can but was heading to opsawg
tmrid Trustworthy Multipurpose Remote ID INT Tue 1000-1200 hrpc, netmod, lisp, roll, sacm, teep, quic Stephen (If needed, would like to be at hrpc), Erik, Wes (but not an expert)
txauth Transactional Authorization and Delegation SEC Mon 1330-1530 calext/extra, stir, dnssd + homenet, dinrg, pearg, lsr, tsvwg Martin, Jari Martin (pending discussion with Roman)
webtrans WebTransport ART Wed 1330-1500 6lo, cfrg, bmwg, rtgwg, oauth Ted, Martin, Brian
wpack Web Packaging ART Wed 1520-1650 anima, sidrops, bess, manet, lake, Ted (active in group), Martin (maybe), Brian, Jari
coinrg Computing in the Network Proposed Research Group IRTF Fri 1000-1200 6tisch, dprive, pce, rtgwg, mls, rats, tcpm
qirg Quantum Internet Proposed Research Group IRTF Tue 1710-1840 jmap, anima, dnsop, bfd, teas, secdispatch, mptcp Erik

Potential Bar BOFs:

Future BOFs requesting a shepherd