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BOFs and Proposed RGs at IETF 111

Conflicts subject to change; as of 2021-07-06

Abbr Name Area Time Conflicts IAB Member(s) Covering IAB Shepherd
APN Application-aware Networking RTG Fri 1200-1400 PDT webtrans, add, gaia, mboned, suit
DANISH DANE AutheNtication for Iot Service Hardening SEC Tue 1200-1400 PDT sedate, 6man, anrw (Interconnection and Routing & Monitoring Internet Traffic), mops, bier, raw, quic
MADINAS MAC Address Device Identification for Network and Application Services INT Wed 1200-1400 PDT core, gendispatch, anrw (Privacy & Applications), sidrops, rtgwg, tls, ippm
OHTTP Oblivious HTTP SEC Tue 1600-1800 PDT jmap, ntp, hrpc, nmrg, idr, pals, tcpm
SINS SCIM Industry Next Steps ART Thu 1330-1430 PDT asap, rfcefdp, dprive, qirg, rtgarea, dots, mls, rats

Potential Bar BOFs:

Future BOFs requesting a shepherd