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BOFs and Proposed RGs at IETF 114

Conflicts subject to change; as of 2022-07-05. Times are local to Philadelphia (UTC -4)

Abbr Name Area Time Conflicts IAB Member(s) Covering IAB Shepherd
JWP JSON Web Proofs SEC Mon 1330-1430 sedate, 6lo, drip, pears, RSWG, rtgarea, tsvarea Jari Arkko
MOQ Media Over QUIC ART Wed 1000-1200 ntp, gaia, nmrg, sirdops, raw, spring, lamps Mirja Kühlewind, Tommy Pauly
MSR6 Multicast Source Routing over IPv6 RTG Tue 1500-1700 core, stir, add/dprive, anew, bmwg, satp, nfsv4 Deborah Brungard, Russ White Deborah Brungard, Russ White
SATP Secure Asset Transfer Protocol SEC Tue 1500-1700 core, stir, add/dprive, anew, bmwg, msr6, nfsv4 Qin Wu Wes Hardaker (also chairing)
SCITT Supply Chain Integrity, Transparency, and Trust SEC Thu 1330-1530 avtcore, httpbis, hrpc, panrg, dnsop, mboned, detnet Qin Wu Jari Arkko, David Schinazi
SNAC Stub Network Auto Configuration for IPv6 INT Mon 1000-1200 dispatch, cfrg, netconf, bier, teas, oauth, rats Russ White Jari Arkko, Russ White
TIGRESS Transfer dIGital cREdentialS Securely ART Wed 1500-1700 Likely to be chartered as a WG before 114 Mallory Knodel