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Conflicts subject to change; as of 2015-06-30

Abbr Name Area Conflicts IAB Member(s) Covering IAB Shepherd
capport CAPtive PORTal interaction art netvc, iccrg, l3sm, ccamp, nvo3, mile, dtn Ted, Dave, Joe .
detnet Deterministic Networking rtg cdni, clue, netvc, 6man, ntp/tictoc, irtfopen, sacm Mary (tentative), Andrew (tentative) Erik
edunext Education and Mentoring Next Generation gen stir, t2trg, dnsop, bess, isis, lisp, tcpinc Joe (tentative), Erik (tentative) .
i2nsf Interface to Network Security Functions sec httpbis, perc, 6tisch, sunset4, v6ops, spring, mptcp Joe .
supa Simplified Use of Policy Abstractions ops eppext, mmusic, hrpc, mpls, ospf, oauth, tsvwg Robert, Erik .
t2trg Proposed Thing-to-Thing Research Group irtf stir, edunext, dnsop, bess, isis, lisp, tcpinc Dave .
hopsrg Proposed How Ossified is the Protocol Stack? Research Group irtf music, dprive, sunset4/v6ops, nmrg, sfc, sidr, openpgp Joe (Brian is co-chair), Suzanne .
hrpc Proposed Human Rights Protocol Considerations Research Group irtf eppext, mmusic, supa, mpls, ospf, oauth, tsvwg Brian .