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Conflicts subject to change; as of 2015-xx-xx

Abbr Name Area Conflicts IAB Member(s) Covering IAB Shepherd
iss Internet Storage Sync ART netvc, hrpc, anima, lisp, trill, cose, taps Marc, Joe .
hopsrg Proposed How Ossified is the Protocol Stack? Research Group IRTF music, sdnrg, v6ops, detnet, i2rs, ace, mptcp Andrew, Joe (Brian is co-chair) .
hrpc Proposed Human Rights Protocol Considerations Research Group IRTF iss, netvc,anima, lisp, trill, cose, taps Andrew, Erik, Suzanne .
nmlrg Proposed Network Machine Learning Research Group IRTF core, rtcweb, dmm, homenet, bmwg, bfd, spring, i2nsf Brian .
t2trg Proposed Thing-to-Thing Research Group IRTF Sat before 9:00-18:30 room 304: none, Sun 900-1600 room 304: IAB meetings, Wed: cdni, clue, ecrit, 6man, nfvrg, netmod, mpls, tls Andrew, Dave (Sunday only) .

Potential Bar BOFs:

  • ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems): Russ to shepherd, Ralph and Dave to cover Bar BOF