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BOFs and Proposed RGs

Conflicts subject to change; as of 2016-03-21

Abbr Name Area Time Conflicts IAB Member(s) Covering IAB Shepherd
MTGVENUE IAOC Meeting Venue Selection Criteria & Procedures GEN Thu 1620-1720 slim, stir, t2trg, anima, grow, i2rs, kitten Andrew, Suzanne .
LPWAN Low-Power Wide Area Networks INT Mon 1740-1940 regext, webpush, hrpc, anima, netmod, sfc, acme Erik (requested by Brian Haberman)
ARCING Alternative Resolution Contexts for Internet Naming INT Tue 1000-1230 mmusic, irtfopen, lime, v6ops, detnet, idr, tls Joe & Suzanne are chairs; Ted, Andrew & Suzanne listed as proponents; Brian will present. Dave will attend. Ralph will cover .
ITS Intelligent Transportation Systems INT Wed 1400-1600 avtcore, opsawg, bier, pce, sidr, sacm, mptcp Russ is a chair. Erik can cover. Andrew and Martin will be there. .
BABEL Babel Routing Protocol RTG Mon 1550-1720 httpbis, perc, dnssd, maprg, netmod, cose, trans Erik .
LURK Limited Use of Remote Keys SEC Tue 1400-1600 perc, homenet, ntp/tictoc, lmap, i2rs, spring, tsvwg Martin, Brian (pending tsvwg agenda), Joe, Russ .
ACCORD Alternatives to Content Classification for Operator Resource Deployment TSV Thu 1000-1230 netvc, icnrg, nmlrg, bmwg, rtgwg, tls Ted, Brian, & Joe listed as proponents. Erik, Suzanne can cover. .
MAPRG Proposed Measurement and Analysis for Protocols Research Group IRTF Mon 1550-1720 httpbis, perc, dnssd, netmod, babel, cose, trans Brian is presenting. Lee will cover .
NMLRG Proposed Network Machine Learning Research Group IRTF Thu 1000-1230 netvc, icnrg, bmwg, rtgwg, tls, accord Lee .

Potential Bar BOFs:

  • tcpPrague: 09:00 - 10:00 Thu 7 Apr 2016 (Quebracho B)