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BOFs and Proposed RGs

Conflicts subject to change; as of 2016-06-30

Abbr Name Area Time Conflicts IAB Member(s) Covering IAB Shepherd
imtg International Meeting Arrangements GEN Tue 1130-1230 6man, irtfopen, opsawg, idr, tls, nfsv4, rmcat Andrew .
its Intelligent Transportation Systems INT Thu 1400-1600 rtcweb, gaia, v6ops, bess, pce, saag, alto Russ is co-chair, Robert .
l4s Low Latency Low Loss Scalable throughput TSV Tue 1400-1600 cellar, core, stir, rtgwg, ipsecme, tokbind, ippm Ralph .
ledger Ledger ART Thu 1620-1820 core, iccrg, anima, babel, lisp, pce, i2nsf Martin, Robert .
lpwan Low-Power Wide Area Networks INT Mon 1540-1740 mtgvenue, nmlrg, dnsop, netmod, sfc, acme, mptcp Erik .
lurk Limited Use of Remote Keys SEC Mon 1800-2000 netvc, ntp/ticoc, maprg, anima, bier, detnet, spring, tram Martin, Russ, Robert .
plus Path Layer UDP Substrate TSV Thu 1000-1230 ice, dmm, icnrg, lime, sidr, teas, cose, mile Brian is proponent. Erik, Robert .
quic QUIC TSV Wed 1000-1230 avtcore/mmusic, dhc, bmwg, netconf, rtgwg, ace, lamps, trans Brian is co-chair. Martin is involved. Robert .
maprg Proposed Measurement and Analysis for Protocols Research Group IRTF Mon 1800-2000 netvc, ntp/tictoc, anima, bier, detnet, spring, lurk, tram Brian .
nmlrg Proposed Network Machine Learning Research Group IRTF Mon 1540-1740 mtgvenue, lpwan, dnsop, netmod, sfc, acme, mptcp Brian, Lee .

Potential Bar BOFs: