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==Time Commitment==
The time commitment for an IAB member averages about six to sixteen hours a week in normal weeks (with significant week-to-week variability), and full-time during IETF meetings, retreats, and IAB workshops. Some positions within the IAB require more time. It is expected that IAB members also actively participate in IETF activities. Simply tracking the various mailing list and documents can take up to a day a week. About a quarter to half of the time is spent on the organizational activities. Leading a program is an equivalent time commitment to chairing a working group; active participation in a program can take additional time. Each IAB member should be able to commit to leading a program during their IAB term.
The typical time commitment for the IAB Chair is three days a week, and this position may require more travel. The IAB Chair is an ex officio member of the IESG and must devote time to IESG meetings including a yearly retreat, which is often but not always adjacent to the IAB retreat.
IAB members may be called upon by ADs to do reviews of specialized documents and other tasks, potentially adding to those numbers.
IAB members should plan to arrive at IETF meetings at or before the start of the meeting week. Time commitment during the meeting includes time on Sunday, early mornings during the week, during meal times, and Friday after scheduled meetings conclude IAB members are expected to cover and report on BoFs during the meeting.
The IAB typically holds an annual retreat from one to three days, and teleconferences on a regular basis, currently 2-3 times a month.
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