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This page attempts to collect information about the management of the IAB public website: www.iab.org As of June 2010, the website is hosted by the Secretariat (AMS), but posting, editing, and maintenance is also done by the IAB Executive Director.

What gets "announced?"

The front page of the site is dominated by an "announcements" section, where the IAB has traditionally posted news items. Each news item on the front page is mirrored by an entry on the RSS feed. The nature and number of announcements have varied considerably over the years. In order to increase the level of continuity, here's a reference list of the items that should be "announced":

  • Personal & leadership changes
    • Nomcom appointments
    • Changes in membership (liaisons and ex-officio members)
    • Leadership (e.g., IAB chair)
  • Posting of Approved Meeting Minutes
  • Technical Plenary: postings of minutes and presentations
  • Program related news: Creation, milestone achievements, completion
  • Document lifecycle: Acceptance, Call for Comment, approval, publication
  • Workshops: call for participation, post-workshop summary
  • IAB statements:
    • Responses and positions on various technical and governance topics
  • ICANN: Correspondence, Performance Evaluations, solicitations and appointments of ICANN BoD, NomCom, RSSAC and TLG members
  • Government interactions: Correspondence, responses to Notices of Inquiry, Notices of Proposed Rulemaking, etc.
  • IESG interactions: IAB responses to IESG notes or statements, appointment of liaison to and from IESG
  • Appeals: Receipt of Appeals, Rulings
  • Solicitations and Appointments: RFC Editor, ISE, ISOC BoT, IAOC, etc.
  • Liaisons: Liaison Manager appointments, liaisons sent by the IAB to other SDOs
  • Other Correspondence


Announcements are typically sent using the IETF announcement tool: https://datatracker.ietf.org/secr/announcement/

There are aliases setup for both the IAB chair and the IAB Executive Director.

Whomever is planning to send the announcements needs to have the appropriate privileges associated with their main IETF login ID.

The privileges are typically setup to allow the individual that is serving as IAB Executive Director to also send announcements on behalf of the IAB chair. Thus, when a new IAB chair or IAB Executive Director is appointed, AMS IT will need to update these ACLs.